More – The Most Foolish Twitter Users Ever

  • September 10, 2009

Twaxed.comSome people just don’t get it – whatever you share on the social web is going to be read by more people that could be possibly imagined. Indeed, some recruiters have actively began looking on social sites for supplementary information about any individual that they are weighing up hiring or not.

The fact is that there are people who are prone to tweet absolutely anything. A psychologist would probably give us an explanation along the lines of “The degree of lack of physicality redounds to a bigger and more unhindered release of emotions”. This “Nobody truly sees me, I do and say as I want” mentality is obviously going to result in some hilarious moments, and this website collects the truly notable ones.

These are grouped on the opening screen, and new ones come ten a penny. While it is true that they are funny, it is also true that the language used will raise a few eyebrows. That is the one and only thing that you must think over before visiting the site. If you are averse to coarse language, you should look for fun elsewhere. If you are not, jump aboard.

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