The Impressive Presence Of Soraya Darabi: Anatomy Of Success

  • March 26, 2014

Managing digital partnerships and social media at The New York Times would mark the crowning achievement for many careers. For Soraya Darabi, it was only her beginning. 23 years old when hired and tasked with building a presence on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, columnist Nicholas Kristof called her…

More – Share The Dishes You Come Across

  • December 1, 2009

Foodspotting.comAs if you hadn’t had enough to eat on Thanksgiving Day, now you can find out which ones are the best spots to hit in your town thanks to this site. Basically, we can define it as a visual guide that lets you find hot culinary spots in your close vicinity.

The basic premise, actually, is not that you will find restaurants through it, but that you will actually be finding dishes.

The whole system revolves around the concept of spotting food and earning points and recognition by doing so. The users of the system, on the other hand, are called foodseekers. Those who do particularly well are eventually going to be awarded badges and titles to showcase who they are within the Foodspotting universe.

The site is in an early phase, but it is already fully operational and it can be joined by anybody. Obviously, its chances of making it are directly linked to how much interest it can generate and how many users take to foodspotting and foodseeking. If you think either concept goes with you, just sign up and get into the swing of things.

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