More – A Culinary Network

  • August 27, 2009

Gourmates.comWe can accurately define this social site as a culinary network, as its objective is to bring together “a world of great taste” and connect people from all over the world around one specific topic: food. Those who become site users can review restaurants and share suggestions along with family recipes and so forth.

Of course, the sharing of media is fully accounted for, and that is a good thing indeed. After all, what better way to whet people’s appetite than a close-up of that dish which is your venue’s main course and that you want to promote at all costs?

The site itself merits no further explanations or elucidations. It suffices to say that it is free, and it can be joined by absolutely everybody. If you want to discover new and unique places to eat, this site might as well leave a good taste in your mouth. You can start the culinary excursion simply by clicking on the link which is displayed below and having a good, long look around.

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More – A Social Network for Foodies

  • September 4, 2007

FriendsEAT.comFriendsEat is the social network for foodies and gourmands. The site gives you food lovers not just great conversations about food it also comes ready with recipes, restaurant reviews, and shopping.

Users can browse through recipes by ingredient or type (e.g., Mediterranean, Lebanese, fusion). Recent restaurant reviews are listed on the homepage, while news articles can be found in the section entitled ‘Food Talk’. Members can also start their own gastronomic blogs and rave about rare fungi and delicate sea fish. As with any other social network, there are profiles, commenting, photos, and friends. Eating should always be done in company, so FriendsEat has designed a ‘Search for Foodies’ function whereby fellow foodistas can find like company of a certain age and/origin. As the saying goes, eat, drink, and be merry—so check out FriendsEat today.

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