More – Connect With Food Lovers

  • March 8, 2011

MyFaveFood.comAs its name suggests, My Fave Food is a social networking site where people that know how to enjoy a meal will be in their element. Here, they will be able to create a profile of their own and start interacting with others who also happen to like the same dishes and meals they like. Users of the site can recommend restaurants to each other, and also exchange recipes if it comes to it.

Besides, (and what is even more suitable for a site of this nature) registered users of My Fave Food can follow each other around (a la Twitter), and learn about new restaurants and venues the minute they have been discovered.

Plus, the site has a forum and a chat room to let users interact with each other even further on.

It goes without saying that My Fave Food is a site which is open to everybody, and that can be joined at absolutely no cost. You can get a My Fave Food profile page just by filling out a (short) registration form.

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More – Social Network For Foodies

  • January 10, 2011

Ninefood.comNinefood is a new social networking site that will let you socialize around one specific thing: food. If you give this site a try you will be able to let others know about your favorite dishes, and make new friends based on that. You will also be allowed to tell other foodies about these restaurants, cafes and food stalls you like best. As a matter of fact, you will even be allowed to socialize based on your favorite chefs if that is what you want (and if you have the knowledge, of course).

But coming back to the sharing of dishes, it is important to say that you are allowed to discuss your favorite recipes with others as extensively as you might want. You can keep others posted on any dish you are cooking right as you are doing it, and even upload pictures to the site during the different steps of the process for others to comment. If you are doing anything wrong, you will be warned about it while there is still time to make things right. That will let you save the anxiety of having to bin the main dish for the night and having to run to the nearest store to get something that (just face it) nobody would believe you did actually cook.

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More – Sharing What You Eat & Drink Online

  • May 4, 2010

Fiddme.comFiddme is the kind of social service that (to many) simply exemplifies how people are keen on squandering time online. You see, Fiddme will let you tell the world at large about these things that you are eating and drinking.

You can also tell others where it is that you are eating at. The idea is to let foodies network around the one thing that they always have in mind.

In order to start posting your culinary escapades online you will have to procure the provided iPhone app first. You will be able to start sharing what you are eating and who you are eating it with upon minutes of having installed it.

New users of this system are highlighted on the main page under the “New hungry people” banner and the main page clearly highlights the most recent contributions in the section that is entitled “Recent Meals”. I don’t think Fiddme merits any further elucidation, but if you are still wondering how the system works you might as well give these two sections a look in order to see how people use Fiddme.

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More – Where Food Is Discussed Online

  • December 3, 2009

CulinaryCulture.comIf you love food, you can’t really go wrong with a site like this one. Named Culinary Culture, it is a spot where food is brought into the limelight – recipes are shared, culinary events are discussed, and top eateries are recommended.

That is, the site is your typical social resource in the sense that it bases its power on these members of the online community that are keen on a specific subject matter. I know from experience that the culinary world is one of the networking fields par excellence. Social sites that revolve around food in one sense or the other always manage to stick out a little from the pack, although there are so many of them on offer that making it to the big time is hard.

As far as Culinary Culture is concerned, the site has a catchy domain and enough options to get going although there are no features that could clearly set it apart from the rest. The layout and presentation are good, though, so it will be a matter of personal tastes to pick it up or not.

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