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  • February 24, 2010

FoodGuts.comDoes it ever happen to you that you have two or three ingredients that you know could be used to create something really tasty, yet you don’t really know how to make that combination? If that is ever the case again, paying this site a quick visit will most likely put an end to you culinary dilemma.

In general terms, this website will let you specify what you have either by typing its name in or by choosing it from a provided list of categories, and then be presented with a list of recipes that take that ingredient, and another detailing what that ingredient goes well with.

You are provided thorough nutritional information, too, along with cooking and storage considerations. And a link to the Wikipedia page about that specific ingredient is displayed at the end.

That is enough information to meet the demands of even the ones with the most exquisite palates. But in the event you still haven’t found the answers you were after, a link for asking a direct question is provided at the bottom of the page.

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