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  • January 20, 2008

Bi-lo.comBi-lo is a grocery chain operating supermarkets in South and North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, with 200+ locations throughout southeast US. At Bi-lo.

com, users will be able to find both consumer and corporate information, like company history, information for investors, weekly specials and other promotions, plus online prescription refill for their on-site pharmacies, and available jobs information. Interestingly, other than these features, site visitors will be able to take a look at resources the company makes available for its customers, like recipes or the Meal Planner, which is a database of recipes, sorted out into different styles, like quick cooking, cooking with little ingredients or giving a new flair to traditional menus. A very cool resource available from this site is the kid’s area, where an educational outlook aims to engage smaller audiences in healthier eating habits by presenting vegetables in a fun and friendly manner, through games and activities which are definitely very appealing for young children, which is a good thing because it will definitely broaden the range of audience who will be visiting this site, as pre-school teachers will definitely find these resources very useful for their lessons.

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More – Chain of Supermarkets

  • January 6, 2008 is the site of Raley’s, a chain of supermarkets located in Northern California, Nevada, and New Mexico. On this website you will be able to take a look at the products that this site has to offer, which you will be able to buy on the online store.

Many users stop by to check out the store’s pharmacy, and its health products. On the site you will be able to download coupons to save money while you shop, as well as to find information about the store’s specials. You will also find information about the food and recipes that this store has to offer.

The services provided by Raley’s give you the chance to buy food online, as well as health products, and drugs from the store’s pharmacy. Therefore, if you want to find out about the store’s specials and download coupons, feel free to stop by

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