More – The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Keeps Up with the World of Aviation

  • August 19, 2012 brings together the aviation expertise of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. AOPA has been committed to aviation since 1939. It is a company that values trust and knowledge, striving to bring those traits to and to every member and non-member. has a committee with a variety of members, some who have been members since the 1950s. These men know the ins and outs of aviation and the changes in laws. The governance is there to step each member through those changes and to keep the skies a safe place to fly.

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More – Book Cheap Airline Tickets

  • April 10, 2011

Globester.comLook no further than this site if you are looking for a quick (and reliable) way to book cheap airline tickets to any North American city.

On Globester, you are allowed to find flights by specifying where you are departing from and what your final destination is. Upon doing so, the cheapest flights on the 100 most traveled American airlines will be brought to your consideration. And booked in just a couple of clicks.

You also have to specify the number of people who will be traveling with you, and the site makes it possible for you to request the class that you are keen on flying.

And it is crucial to mention that the site also makes for finding international flights. The process is exactly the same as described above, and the results will likewise come straight from these airlines that people travel through the most often. And flights are booked in just two or three clicks, too.

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More – See Who Else Is Flying With You

  • December 3, 2010

Planely.comPlanely is a very novel social application. It basically lets you learn about people who will be in the same plane that you are taking, get in touch with them, break the ice and arrange to sit together. This can be done both for professional and for personal purposes. But my money is firmly on the personal side of the service…

Still, the potential this has got when it comes to professional collaboration should never be overlooked. Just think of all the time that can be saved by working things out while you are airborne.

Using Planely is a mere matter of signing up for a (free) account and then entering the number of the flight you are going to be in. Planely will show you both who is going to be in that plane and in the airport. Having that information, the Social Web will let you do the rest and know if there is any person there that you would like to get to know better. You will be able to contact him/her well ahead of the plane flight, and start interacting straightaway.

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More – Learn If Your Flight Has WiFi

  • October 9, 2010

HasWifi.comThis site offers a small search engine that will let you find something which is anything but unimportant, namely which flights have WiFi.

That is something which should never be taken for granted, as many of us have learned the hard way.

There is nothing more stressful than being 20,000 feet up in the air and discovering we won’t be able to work during a three-hour flight because the plane has got no Internet connectivity.

Of course, that information is often provided by airlines themselves. But being able to look it up so directly also means that you will be able to draw faster comparisons, and know which company is the one that will suit your exact requirements when traveling by plane.

A search is launched by just specifying your carrier and the number of the flight that you are meant to take. Nothing else is asked, and the results will be presented in a neat chart that will also com with a “Buy now!” button for you to get a ticket right there and then.

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More – See The World From Above

  • October 2, 2010

ToursFromAbove.comTired of seeing the world using Google Street View? Looking for a new perspective? Well, this website will give you that and more. Its name actually gives you some sort of indication of what you are getting if you give it a try: aerial tours.

Many of the most appealing destinations in the whole world (from a topographical point of view, at least) are already covered. Africa and Australia are very well-represented, for example. And you can also see cities like New York and London from above. If you dream about visiting such places, you couldn’t ask for anything better. And if you happen to live there, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. You will probably notice things that you didn’t even notice before.

Browsing through the available tours is a piece of cake, as a provided world map will let you pinpoint the exact location you want to see from the skies. And you can also use a search tool in case you don’t want to waste time zooming in and out of maps manually.

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More – Where Aviators Can Meet & Trade

  • September 10, 2010

GoFlying.coIn all likelihood, there is no other niche site for aviators as comprehensive as Go Flying. It acts as a true marketplace where listings are posted, and also as a social site in which aviators can meet in order to discuss routes and share plans.

Groups can be created and joined by anybody, messages can be sent, photos can be uploaded and shared, videos can be posted… In short, all the features that we have come to expect of sites such as Facebook are fully accounted for.

Besides, Go Flying has a full section which is devoted to weather information. There, you can specify any region that interests you using an interactive map and receive a thorough report of the weather conditions for the time that you have selected.

The site also includes a comprehensive calendar of events that you can check out anytime, and find all about activities that you might know nothing about otherwise. And there is also a “News” section in which the latest updates concerning the industry on the whole are published.

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More – A Planning Tool For Pilots

  • September 1, 2010

iFlightPlanner.comiFlightPlanner is a browser-based tool for pilots and those keen on aviation. It will let them plan out their routes in minute detail, and (more notably) in a centralized way.

And the site is also comparable to an online logbook where they will be able to keep track of all their activity.

Something like iFlightPlanner plays out a very remarkable role. Any pilot will tell you how he has become accustomed to visiting several different website in order to get all the information he needs for planning out a route. For example, getting a weather brief, computing the weight and balance and filing the route with the FAA have always been activities that entailed visiting a separate website in each and every case.

That becomes a thing of the past thanks to an Internet tool like iFlightPlanner. It saves pilots the effort of having to visit all the websites they had become used to visiting. Everything is done at once from the iFlightPlanner site. And support for mobile devices is already provided as well. If you are a pilot, you will be able to set everything down (and modify it) from wherever you are.

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More – Flight Information At Your Fingertips

  • November 27, 2009

Flightm8.comDo you fly often to different parts of the world either for leisure or as part of your job? No matter how you answered that question, this mashup will give you the possibility to make use of Google technology in an interesting way in order to find the distances and details for your next trip. When you navigate trough this site you immediately realize that there are not many options for you to click on.

However, that is not something negative because this is a system that was especially created to be used in a simple way.

The defining feature you will find on this site is that you will be allowed to know who flies where by the use of an interesting and efficient map view. This service is very effective in order to give you the data you need – information regarding airlines and airports is known to change by the minute. I cannot really tell you that the service has any innovative or almost magical solution because it doesn’t. However, a service like this is truly effective and useful.

The way the system works is very simple and you just need to use the search box you will see on the site in order to pinpoint your current location. After that you need to choose the airports where you are going to fly from, and the system will give you the results you need. The same process is applicable in order to find all about the airports that will act as your destination. The system will also give you the chance to find different routes between the place you are leaving and the one you are going to.

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More – Buy Airplane Tickets Online

  • October 23, 2009

Established in the late 60s, Southwest Airlines is one of the main low-cost carriers in the US. The company is headquartered in Texas, and it currently operates scheduled services to more than 40 States. And on its website (, you can not only read the airline’s full history, but also learn about special offers and travel deals.

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More – Find Tickets At Convenient Prices

  • September 24, 2009

QFly.euIf you are keen on traveling this is going to be a solution you might take a liking to. Qfly.

eu was developed by a group of frequent travelers that are used to hunt for the best deals that can be actually found on the internet. As you already know it is not very easy to find the cheapest tickets within Europe due to the fact that a large amount of discount tickets are not available using conventional booking systems.

In case you want to find accurate data about most of the airlines you can find in Europe in order to evaluate their prices you are on the right site. In essence, this system visits the websites of airlines and gets all the cheapest tickets from them in. So, when it comes to having data about the cheapest tickets in a very simple way this is a good place for you to visit.

This is a transparent ticket booking system that will give you all the data you need to find. In case you want to learn more about this site give it a visit at and see what you can find through it.

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More – Innovative Chat For iPhones

  • July 30, 2009

FlyChat.Project1010.comFlyChat is a novel application that was designed to make a huge impact when it comes to interacting with others. This system will allow you to randomly interrelate with others in a singular way.

Believe it or not, the system will attach your messages to virtual flies that will be soon or later caught by many IPhone users. Why such an application has been created? Simply because it will help users to meet new people and make new friends just by chance.

FlyChat’s iPhone app brings a totally new and ground-breaking communication system to the market. It is not that the way you chat with others is different, but what it is actually totally new is the way you find new people to establish connections, communication and even maybe a friendship.

With this applications you will have the chance to create and receive a wide variety of messages that are going to be attached to a “fly” that murmurs into any other app user’s phone at any given moment. That is the way in which you can catch the attention of other users and how you can establish connections.

Since the system was designed in order to get in touch with people who really want to be connected, the number of messages you receive is proportional to the number of messages you send. Therefore, if you want to be connected with other people join FlyChat and you will accomplish your goal.

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More – A New Travel Search Engine

  • February 16, 2009

Fly.comAre you on the lookout for the best airfare rates around? If that is indeed the case, then you should make a point of checking out this website. In the most general terms available, Fly is a new travel search engine that will let you find that very same information on the spot.

This initiative is presented by the Travelzoo team, and one of its standout features when carrying out searches is that it includes a “Why Me?” box where the advantages of flying with an airline over other are explored. This way, information such as in-flight entertainment activities and related amenities is presented to the user. While information such as that will never be the sole factor one picks an airline, it is nice to know what’s in store beforehand.

Other than that, flight information is presented in a summary manner that provides a comprehensive overview at a glance – you can visualize aspects such as prices, flight times and ranges in a single search, and start comparing right away.

It is always nice to have specialized engines around. The fact that you can’t compare car rentals or lodging options through Fly might prevent some from using it, but if what you want is thorough flight information in an immediate manner this one will do the honors.

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More – Everything For Fishing

  • July 29, 2008

Gloomis.comIf you enjoy fishing or simply being in the water, you will find this site interesting. At gloomis.

com there are many fishing stories and experiences for you to read, as well as fishing supplies. If you are planning to go fishing next weekend, you will need some gear and supplies first. Take a look at this site and find out what you are looking for; they won’t guarantee you will catch a fish but they will get you the proper equipment. Some of the products they offer are tackle, fly, blanks, as well as clothing. There are diverse kinds of tackle whether you will fish in a river, a creek, or ocean. Regardless of where you will go for fishing and its environment, you will find the right tackles at this site. There are tackles for freshwater, saltwater, and escape travel rods, among others. When you visit the website, don’t forget to give a glance at the news and upcoming events.

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More – Air Berlin Official Site

  • July 24, 2008, also available as AirBerlin.

com, is the official website of Air Berlin, Germany’s second largest airline. The company is based in Berlin, Germany and operates semi low cost services to a wide range of destination in Europe, Mediterranean, and North America, among others. Here you can learn everything about them including history and main services. All of them are listed here along with all their detonations, which you can choose from a map. In addition to this, you can book your flights online just by selecting departure location, destination, and dates. Also, here you can find all their latest news, press releases, and offers. In order to receive them right into your inbox, you can subscribe to their free email newsletter. Finally, in case you need further assistance, you have any inquiry, or you wish to make your booking by the phone, you can contact them trough their toll free line.

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More – Hawaiian Commercial Airline

  • July 23, 2008 is the official website of Hawaiian Airlines, the largest commercial airline from Hawaii.

Commonly referred as “HAL”, it was founded back in 1929 and it is currently the 11th largest commercial airline in the United States. Here you can learn everything about them including history and destinations. You can use this site in order to book your flights online, just by selecting departure location, destination, and dates. In addition to this, you can find all their latest news, offers, and deals, all of which you can receive in your inbox by subscribing to their free email newsletter. Also, you can find their special vacation packages, which you can also book online. If you are a frequent traveler of this airline you can join their Hawaiian Miles program. If you are already registered, you can access to your account and check how many miles you have collected so far and what are they worth.

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More – The Perfect Holidays

  • June 29, 2008

GulfShoreReservations.comAre you planning a vacation, business trip or simply a break from everything? You’ve already chosen a destination but you have yet to decide on the hardest part: lodging. When choosing a hotel many aspects ought to be considered such as price, service, location, as well as the number of stars.

The hotel you book into has to meet each one of your preferences. is, therefore, the site for you. In The Central Reservation Service for Gulf Shores you can find Orange Beach resort hotels, several condos and vacation rentals. Browse online for brochures of each hotel showing locale, facilities, photos and rental rates. You can book online and save or simply call the number they provide you with for assistance. Booking a hotel has never been so easy. After choosing your hotel the only thing left is travelling and enjoying you’re the place you chose. As their slogan reads: Resort Reservations, Your window to a World of destinations.

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More – Learn How To Fly A Plane

  • June 28, 2008

Sportpilot.orgMany people have the ambition of learning how to fly an aero plane, but don’t know how to go about finding a place to get there first lesson. If you would like to learn more about a company that can give you flying lessons then you might like to check out the web site www. This company offer there clients a simple, more affordable, safe and fun way of learning how to fly small aircraft. This web site gives its visitors access to all the information that they will need to get started, it includes the location and contact details of more than four hundred flight schools around the country, explains what you need to get started, gives an idea of the costs involved and explains how long it will take to get your qualification. The design and layout of the web site means that visitors will quickly learn all they need to know about how they can take to the skies.

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More – Learn To Fly a Plane

  • June 26, 2008

CessnaJobs.comCessna is an American airline company that’s resulting people to work in this company. In this site you will be able to have a look at the available jobs you might find interesting in this company.

Besides, if you’d like to get informed before applying, then the site provides general information about the company, its history, the vision and mission they have as their bases of the company, as well as their performance and their reliability as a serious airline company. You can have a look at the press released articles related to Cessna or the upcoming events. The site also offers you the necessary information if you are willing to learn how to fly a plane and maybe once become a pilot of Cessna. If you are looking for a job in Cessna then you have to go to the “Cessna jobs” section and follow the steps published in the site. A FAQ section is also available in the site for you to clear any doubts you might have as well as a contact address for you to get directly in contact with Make your dream come true; learn how to fly a plane!

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More – Find Discount Airlines Worldwide

  • June 16, 2008

AirNinja.comThis site provides a place where you can find discount airlines routes worldwide and also non-discount airlines. You can start off in this site by selecting the one of the choices, discount or non-discount.

Then, you can select the country which you are traveling from, the city and airport, and then the country you are traveling to. The site will provide you with a list showing the name of the airline and a brief description of what they offer. If you click on the airline of your choice, the site will redirect you to the airlines official site. You can search for airlines browsing by city or Airline as well. In the Currency converter section of this site you can enter an amount or money, and convert that amount from euros to dollars for example or any other currency that you wish. You can enter your email address in this site in order to join the mailing list and receive the latest updates of this site.

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