More – A Social Network For Pet Lovers & Pets

  • July 21, 2009

Petizens.comPetizens is a new social networking site. As its name suggests, it is geared towards pet owners and (of course) their mascots.

Users can interact with each other in the vein that this kind of sites usually enable them to interact, and media showcasing their little friends at their finest can be put about and shared. Moreover, competitions are held regularly so that interaction between members is taken one step beyond.

On the other hand, the network includes both a “Help” and a “Knowledge” section which can be consulted should you need some guidance as regards the care of your pet. A forum is likewise provided to these ends, and also for hanging out and socializing even more.

When it comes to the actual creation of the profile pages, the company prides itself on applying a new approach, as it allows users to drag and drop components in order to build a profile page. This not only makes pages easier to build, but also more enjoyable and even more accessible – people are daunted if they have to start performing operations that are even slightly complex, and that can turn them off. In that sense, the team behind the project has made a wise move by placing usability so high on the agenda.

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More – Buy Caribbean Aquatic Species

  • July 17, 2008

ETropicals.comETropicals is an online store where Caribbean aquatic species can be purchased along with a wide-ranging collection of related items and fish-care products. The site itself can be reached at ETropicals.

com, and the main categories are displayed on the left-hand side of the main page. Caribbean and Saltwater fishes alike can be found under the corresponding headings, whereas corals and Saltwater plants are also featured. Moreover, both tank cleaner packages and kits for building up your own reef cleaner can be bought by following the provided link. Specials and items that can be procured at discount prices can be found in the relevant section, whereas a section that goes by the name of “Collector’s Corner” list species which are hard to find. What’s more a search tool is featured for browsing convenience. Lastly, a toll free phone number is provided in case you have any further inquiry after browsing through the site.

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More – Take A Fishing Trip

  • June 26, 2008

Fishmongolia.comAre you a professional fisher? Do you like outdoors activities that involve fishing? If you like all kind of fishing challenges, is the site you will definitely need to check out.

Are you ready to go camping? You can do it; simply check out the site and find out what you need to do. The site offers you to go on exciting fishing trips. Are you looking for exotic fishing experiences? Why not trying? There is no age limit, no matter if you are 80; you can do it anyway. If you are an adventurous guy who loves to have cool fishing experiences, you will love the trips offer. Did I mention you need to visit Mongolia, right? Fish Mongolia is a Mongolia-based company which claims to offer you the best camping services for you to enjoy your stay as much as you enjoy fishing. Take the next plane but before check out for more info.

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More – Rate Other People’s Fish Tanks

  • June 19, 2008

RateMyFishTank.comAfter so much hard work maintaining your fish tank, wouldn’t it be nice to see what other people think about it? In this site you can see if your fish tank is attractive to others or not. In the home page you will be able to see other’s tank fish and you will be able to rate them.

Furthermore, you will also have access to the forum, where you will be able to interact with other people that share the same passion as you: fishes and aquariums. A photo gallery is also available for you to have a look at the different type of fishes, fish tanks and aquariums. If you are interested in uploading a picture of your own fish tank then you have to sign in for free and you will then be able to do it. But if you first want to improve the looking of your fish tank then you can go to the “article” section and get new ideas for the decorating of it. Besides, you will also be able to have a look at videos of corals, fresh water fish, invertebrates and saltwater fish. Visit and enter the water world with the click of a mouse!

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More – Create Your Own Ocean

  • June 13, 2008

Aquacon.comAre you a sea lover? Do you love the ocean and whatever is down its deep waters? For those who like to collect all kind of oceanic creatures, there is

The site is an online store where you can buy saltwater fishes, live corals, live rocks and sand, invertebrates, and all for your aquarium needs. claims to be an experienced company on every aspect of marine life, so why don’t you take a few minutes to see what this company offers? In the home page you will find all the links for you to -almost literally- navigate the site. You can start from the very beginning and get all the aquarium supplies you need in order to have your own ocean at home. You will be able to see pictures of each and every item available, along with more details and price. If you take a look at the live corals you will want to buy them right away; they are so full of colors and movement that will give your home decoration a nice touch. Visit for more info.

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More – Pet Owners Online

  • May 7, 2008

Planet-pets.comThe Planet Pets website is a gathering point for pet owners all over the world. Besides fostering community spirit, the site serves as a versatile resource for pet owners.

This is achieved in several ways. To begin with, the website includes sections on pet insurance, pet advisors, as well as information on pet rescue organizations. Moreover, the site links to pet directories of assorted nature, such as pet services and pet features. A pet bookstore is also part of the site, and there is even a page devoted to pets and children. A newsletter is featured as well. It includes pet videos, photographs, cartoons, and e-cards for mailing purposes. Subscription is inexpensive, and it is possible to browse through past issues online. Besides containing a navigation menu that lets the visitor jump straight to the aforementioned categories, the main page of the site includes four main sections that cater for dog, cat, fish, and bird owners. A host of information is provided in these pages about each particular animal, as well as listing services of interest.

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