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How This Startup is Making Alternative Investments More Accessible

  • August 22, 2022

The term “alternative investment” is enough to give many investors heart palpitations. For many, the words are synonymous with excessive risk. They invoke thoughts of newer, oft-unproven investing options.

But the truth is, alternative investing doesn’t have to be risky. Nor does it need to be scary. As long as an individual uses these options as part of a well-balanced portfolio, alternative investments can be a great way to grow wealth.

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More – Stock Exchange for Traders and Investors

  • February 23, 2008

Amex.comA website especially dedicated to traders and professionals of the stock exchange market and trade world. AMEX.

com is the American Stock Exchange website, a comprehensive resource for investors and issuers seeking the unique market environment offered at the American Stock Exchange. By continually cultivating innovative ideas and building relationships worldwide, the Amex is creating financial opportunities for individual and institutional investors and issuers spanning every industry sector and market size. Use the menus and links to access the market and historical data, charts and tools, and news and education available from a primary exchange that offers trading in three distinct lines of business, which are a wide variety of equities, several options market and a extensive listing of more than 200 exchange traded funds. Definitely a website targeted for financial specialists, not for amateurs but a good start for those seeking for new investing options and financial opportunities.

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