More – An Aggregator Of Financial News

  • January 25, 2010

Financeoid.comA site that will be very useful to financial analysts and traders, Financeoid is a news aggregator that crawls about 15,000 financial/business blogs and ranks the posts that it collates by way of karma points. These Karma points are calculated with a proprietary algorithm based on several factors such as the oveall popularity of the blog, its daily visitors and so forth.

And sites that have high karma are crawled almost in real-time so that fresh and reliable news are delivered straight to visitors.

As a user of the site, you can create custom pages as well as setting down news alerts by specifying the keywords and topics that are incumbent to you the most. In that way, you will effectively ensure that you will never miss a beat.

The programmers told me that the launch of sister sites in several other topics such as “Technology”, “Auto”, “Lifestyle” and “Healthcare” is imminent. For the time being, Financeoid will let you keep a close eye on the world of finances and its every twist and turn.

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