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More – A New Workflow Tool

  • February 10, 2009

FileSociety.comTo many business users, FTP software leaves a little to be desired in terms of speed. File Society is a new web application aiming to provide these individuals with a tool for carrying out file transfers at speeds that will suit them best.

It also enables them to control the whole process from start to finish and beyond. That is accomplished by coupling patented technology (the Aspera’s Fasp platform) with the ability of producing reports and sending automated notifications to users.

In order to access this solution, a three-step process has to be complied with. The first is creating an account through the site. In addition to submitting some personal and professional particulars you will have to fill out a small survey about your current file transfer solution and how you feel about it. Once this has been done, you will be able to download a plug-in (named Aspera Connect) for high speed transfer capabilities. Finally, you will be able to login to the File Society website and start managing your files.

The main selling point of this solution is that it delivers noticeably faster transfer rates than FTP, using already-existing web connections. This alone makes it worth a look and some consideration by those who are part of the digital business world.

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