More – Ares Download Site

  • August 16, 2012 is a file-sharing website that promises an adware-free experience with clean downloads. The homepage makes additional claims of being user friendly, and of having been used by millions of people worldwide. Ares originated from the Gnutella network and now has its now network. While the bottom of the page is devoid of ads, there are links for a stray cat organization and another organization called Starfish Difference.

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More – A Revolution in Music Sharing

  • June 28, 2012

Are you looking for a free peer to peer hosting site to find great music? If so, then is the site for you! Completely free and user based, album hunt allows everyday people like you and me to host quality content that can be shared and downloaded at will. Album hunt is not your traditional peer to peer media hosting website, they have made every effort to host only quality content, and content that is legally distributable.

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More – Take Your Desktop With You

  • April 3, 2012

Mobility is going to define the computer experience in the years to come, and WorldDesk is one of the most interest startups for the free transfer of files between devices. What this company does is to “decouple” your Windows workspace or desktop, and let you take your files with you wherever you go. This is done by using a proprietary abstraction layer that frees all the aspects of your Microsoft Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device, so that you can have your data moved from one place to the other as if there were no barriers.

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More – Share Large Files

  • January 5, 2012

GoAruna.comGoAruna is a file sharing service that lets you send files as big as 250 MB completely for free, and without having to create an account first. In fact, you can send files to people regardless of having their email addresses or not. GoAruna lets you send files to your Facebook friends. So, any person who’s part of your social graph is a person that you can have files shared with.

Of course, you can also sign up for an account, and (according to how much you’re willing to spend) you’ll get larger storage and more control over how your files are being shared. There’s many different plans for you to choose from. There’s one named “Lite” that gives you 2 GB of storage, completely for free. And then, there’s a plan called “Personal” that gives you 20 GB for $4.97 per month.

On the other hand, a commercial plan that comes with 350 GB of storage and support for as many as 5 users is available for business owners. If you’re one, signing up for it will also give you a centralized billing platform. This plan costs $74.99 per month.

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More – Send Large Files

  • December 22, 2011

Kicksend.comAvailable both as a desktop and a mobile app, Kicksend is here to let you send large files to anybody without having to split them up and send them in smaller batches. Kicksend has been created to be easy-to-use above everything else, and if you get it you’ll have files shared just by opening the app, entering the email address of your friends, and then either dragging and dropping the files into the provided box or selecting them one by one. Files can be as big as you want, there’s no file size limitations of any kind. And all kind of files can be shared, too. Videos and photos of the highest definition can be readily shared using Kicksend.

And sending lots of files is made even faster by the option to create a list with all of your favorite contacts, and reach out to all of them at once. And the service’s also great in the sense that your friends are getting the files instantly, without having to sign up for a Kicksend account just to download them. They’ll get them on their inboxes, as if they were ordinary emails.

The Kicksend application for iPhone is available for free at the AppStore, and you can download it here.

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More – Create Your Own Cloud

  • December 13, 2011

OwnCloud.orgAnd services for creating your very version of DropBox keep on surfacing. No sooner had I reviewed one named SparkleShare than someone brought OwnCloud to my attention. This is a service that has actually been around for a couple of months, but it’s this newest revision that’s really remarkable. You can use OwnCloud to view and sync not only your files but also your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all kind of devices, and it gives you universal access to everything, either through a web interface or a WebDAV. In fact, you’re even allowed to do some basic editing right on your browser. OwnCloud is really that practical.

You might be wondering, though, why people would go for a service like this one when something like Dropbox is so widely available. Well, the answer is obvious if you really think about it. Bosses who want their employees to access sites that are only within their own infrastructures could think of nothing better than this. They’re ensuring people won’t get distracted, and that they won’t end up opening potentially harmful files when they’re at work.

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More – Create Your Own Dropbox

  • December 12, 2011

SparkleShare.orgSparkleShare lets you create your very own version of DropBox. This open source application can be installed into Mac, Linux and Android phones, and used to sync all the files that you have stored on different computers and devices. Just like Dropbox lets you do, really. And since SparkleShare is open source, you can modify the application as much as you want, and have what you’ve made shared with all your friends, and also with all of the rest of the SparkleShare community.

It’s all very simple and straightforward, and a good way to get started is by reading the provided wiki.

This is not the first open source application that emulates the way Dropbox works, though. Linux users have been able to sync and share files between devices for quite some time already by using a service named

And just in case you’re wondering, work is underway on the Windows and iOS versions of this service. No exact word on when any of these will be released yet, but the SparkleShare team is working on them.

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More – Share Large Files

  • December 9, 2011

ForgetBox.comIf has its way, then USB keys might as well become a thing of the past. This new service lets you have large files shared in just a couple of clicks (four, to be more precise). Using ForgetBox is as quick and simple as choosing the files you want to have shared, right click on all of them, left click on the “Send with ForgetBox” button, and pick the contact (or contacts) you want to send your files to. And that will be it. You files will be immediately shared.

Some things I really like about this service: 1) You can have files stored on services such as Dropbox and shared using ForgetBox, right as if they were sitting on your HD; 2) You can share as many files as you want at the same time. If you need to send 25 different files at the same time, then that’s not a problem, and 3) Files are not sent directly to your intended recipients. Rather, they are stored on the ForgetBox servers, and what your contacts get is a link where they can download them. So, ForgetBox puts an end to the risk of overflowing anybody’s inbox and having to apologize afterwards for what has happened. Which is all the more mortifying and stressful when the other person is your boss, of course. Well, that’s not a problem any longer if you use a service like this one.

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More – Share Files For Free

  • December 8, 2011

SwankShare.comA new file sharing service, SwankShare lets you upload up to 1 GB of files free of charge, and have them instantly shared with anybody. Files can be uploaded from your own HD, or uploaded remotely. And you can upload as many as 10 different files, too. As long as you don’t go over 1 GB, these will all be stored and shared with any friend, colleague or fellow student. SwankShare is suitable for sharing files in just any context you could think of, not only because the service is fast but also because there’s not a lot of ads or distractions along the way.

And the paid version of the service is even better, with you being able to upload as much as 5 GB worth of files, which your friends will get to download without restrictions (the free version of the service has a daily download limit of 1 GB). And the paid version of SwankShare also does without captchas.

The only question I have, now, is whether people will go for a file sharing service such as this one when there are others that let you upload up to 11 GB of files for free like Fyels. SwankShare’s clearly got some big contenders to take on, and it’ll be interesting to see in which ways it tackles them…

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More – Send Large Files

  • December 5, 2011

Streaky.comWith a simple web interface and a recently-released desktop app, Streaky is one of the most complete file sharing platforms around. On, you can send large files (up to 2GB) for free just by uploading them, and entering your email address, and the email address of the recipient. You can also add a short message, so that if you’re sending a file to a person you’ve just become acquainted with you’re not running the risk of the file being deleted because he just doesn’t know where it’s coming from. And in case you’re sending something that you don’t want other people to see, you can instruct Streaky to have the file erased after it has been downloaded.

And the newly-launched desktop application simplifies the sharing of files even more. A feature named “APP 2 APP” lets you send files as quickly and easily as you would send a message using a service like Skype. There’s no limit on file size or speed, and a private link is generated for every single file that you’re sending over.

And in the same way you can delete and forward the emails that you get on your inbox, Streaky lets you manage all the files you’ve ever received. You can have them forwarded, and you can erase the ones you’ve already downloaded.

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More – Manage Files And Attachments

  • November 23, 2011

Fileboard.comMore and more each day, people are using services like Evernote and Dropbox in order to store files and vital information. Most people I know use at least one of these two services along with email to get all their stuff in order. So, the time is certainly right for an application like Fileboard to be released. Available for iPad, Fileboard lets you bring email, Evernote and Dropbox together. If you get this app (it can be downloaded for free at the App Store), you’ll be able to send emails with attachments taken straight from Evernote and Dropbox. And when downloading an attachment, you’ll be able to download it straight to either service.

So, this is an application that can sync up your email account with some of the most popular storage services of the day, and use them all as if they were one and all the same.

If you use Dropbox professionally, you could never fail to find something like this hugely attractive. It’ll put an end to having to open three separate windows just to have files taken and stored where you could find them more easily later on, and also share them with your colleagues.

The Fileboard application costs nothing. You can download it at the App Store, and sync all your accounts with no effort.

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More – Store Files Online

  • November 12, 2011

Drawpr.comKeep this site in mind for these times that you need to have some files shared with someone, and you have no time for lengthy waits or complex registrations. On Drawpr, everything is taken to the most basic level. You’re provided with buckets where you can drop anything you want to have stored online, and the content of any bucket is shared by spreading its unique URL around.

It’s not that sharing files on sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload is anything that could be deemed as complex or too expensive for its own good. But when you place such services next to this one, it’s clear that things could be even simpler.

Of course, this simplicity comes at a cost, namely that you can only share files that are comparatively small. Right now, the maximum file size is set to 50 MB. And files are deleted after 60 days of inactivity.

Still, the buckets themselves have no limit. You can put as many files into them as you want. And you can also make your buckets private, and let only specific people access what you’ve stored in it.

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More – Send Big Files

  • October 27, 2011

JustBeamIt.comSending big files from one email inbox to another just doesn’t cut it, if only because it’s way too easy to overload the recipient’s inbox, and not only fail to get the file across but also be put on his blacklist for leaving his email account out of service. Fortunately, people keep on dreaming up alternative ways to have big files shared, and most of these can be used for free. Just take a look at Click 2 Copy, one of the newest sites that let you do exactly that. And they keep on coming and coming. Today, it’s the turn of Just Beam It.

An easy a fast service, it lets you have files shared just by dragging and dropping them in the provided box, one at a time. You drag them there, and the recipient will get them by clicking on the URL that’s being generated for each one of them.

And Just Beam It is a site that you can use without having to go through the tedious process of having to sign up for an account first, and then having to remember yet another username and password. It’s all usable on the fly.

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More – Send Files For Free

  • October 22, 2011

Need a fast way to send large videos or other media to that friend who’s holidaying in Europe, and don’t feel like going for one of these services that let you have bulky files uploaded only if you’re willing to pay for it? No problem. A service like Click 2 Copy is going to let you have your files sent over, using only your browser, and without having to pay a cent.

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More – Free File Storage

  • September 20, 2011

72dpi.ccThere’s so many paid file hosting applications that when one which is free and quite unrestricted in terms of storage comes along, then it’s quite hard not to notice. 72DPI is one such platform, and it’s evident it has been created in order to be easy to use above everything else. Registration is done in a breeze, and when your account is activated then you can upload as many files as you want within the 10 GB of storage you get when signing up, and people will be allowed to download them unlimitedly. And individual files can be as large as 2 GB each, which is clearly an improvement over other services like this one that are quite harsh on the user, letting him upload only files amounting to about 100 MB.

Text documents, photos, videos, zipped files… it can all be shared using 72DPI, and people will be able to preview the files on their browsers as well as downloading them in just one click.

Paid accounts will be announced later this year, but the basic version of 72DPI (IE, the one described above) is remaining free to use.

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More – Store Your Files

  • August 19, 2011

Boxroom-In-The-Cloud.comBoxroom In The Cloud is a new file management platform that lets users take all their documents and media online, and have them shared with absolutely everybody. They will be able to structure everything in a hierarchical way, with as many folders and subfolders as they might possibly need in order to give people a readier understanding of what they are sharing. And a really nice feature is that these folders and files can be shared even with people who are not users of Boxroom In The Cloud.

Boxroom In The Cloud runs on Heroku (a cloud app platform), and users can have their files uploaded to their very own Amazon S3 accounts, too.

Six different paid plans are provided, each coming with larger file storage. The most basic of all plans costs $29 per month, and it is letting users store up to 20 GB of data. And those who sign up for Boxroom In The Cloud while it is in beta will be able to use the service for free, and keep their free accounts even after the beta period has ended.

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More – Store Online Content

  • August 12, 2011

DatKey.comI recall reading an article recently that claimed Facebook was the new smoking. I think that’s absolutely true, and I’m sure many people would willingly echo such words. Yet, it must be remembered that Facebook is just one part of a whole phenomenon that is named the Social Web. Granted, it’s the most visible one. But there’s much more to social interactions on the Internet, and sites like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube play a role which is directly linked to the one played by Facebook itself. And I think that social interactions take up so much time of people’s lives not just because they are addictive, but also because a person active on all the sites mentioned above necessarily has a lot of filtering and searching of files to do on any given day. And sometimes it’s all to no avail – there’s no guarantee links once seen on Facebook and Twitter will be found again at a later date.

Well, that is exactly what this new service is here to fix. DatKey is an organizer of social data. Users of this site can create as many folders as they want, and have the media they enjoy accessing on Facebook, YouTube et all grouped there. And then not only check such data whenever they need later on, but also have these folders shared with everybody else.

Using DatKey costs absolutely nothing, and actually saving content to any folder is a cinch – you just click on the save button that you get when the app is running, and it’ll be immediately retrieved.

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More – Free File Sharing

  • July 29, 2011

UploaderBOX.comWhen the time to send files comes and an alternative to all these services we all know such as Rapidshare and Megaupload is in order, then this a platform that can be counted upon. UploaderBOX has got all it takes to step on these shoes. This new file sharing service comes free of charge, and it enables people to upload files that can be as large as 1024 MB in just a couple of clicks, and from wherever they happen to be located. Four different upload options are available: “Flash upload”, “Form upload”, “URL upload” and “FTP upload” All the user needs to do is to individualize the file to be shared, and (if he wants things to be carried out even more smoothly) supply both his email address, and the addresses of all his intended recipients.

And an affiliate program is likewise available for those intending to share files that are original or unique in themselves, and that people would be willing to pay good money for.

What? Need even more file sharing alternatives? OK, try ZShare and FileDropper. That should be enough to get started.

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More – Ask Files From People Not On Dropbox

  • July 20, 2011

FileStork.netAs great as Dropbox is, there are people who are yet to sign up for the service. And that can pose some (serious) practical problems when one is faced with an imminent deadline and a vital file to get the job done is in the hands of a person who isn’t a Dropbox user. Well, FileStork is a service that can simplify the way files are exchanged and swapped in such cases. FileStork is a free service that it brings both Dropbox users and people who are yet to have a Dropbox account into the same page.

FileStork enables DropBox users to request files from anybody. The way the service works, people are enabled to upload their files using an interface that will have them delivered straight to their Dropboxes of their friends.

This service is very practical, and it costs absolutely nothing. All you have to do sign in with your DropBox credentials, and then request the files you need from those who have them. You will be informed the minute they have been delivered.

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