More – Managing Field Delivery Services

  • September 18, 2010

ServiceM8.comService M8 is a browser-based application for the managing of field delivery services on the whole. Using this tool, the ones in charge can do everything from providing potential clients with estimates to invoicing them once the work is done.

Using Service M8 you will be able to see a map showing you where all your field technicians are, along with the exact location of the clients that have requested assistance. With all that information in full sight, it is very easy to allocate the staff member that is closer to the client, and set about solving his/her problem more quickly.

This application can be run both on iPhones and iPads. Those who are part of your field staff will be able to visualize all the tasks and jobs that they have been assigned at a mere glance, and know what is expected of them at all times.

In theory, Service M8 can be used by people located in any part of the world. However, some aspects such as tax regulations could pose a difficulty for people who are located outside of the US. And the application is only available in English, anyway.

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More – Field Service Management Simplified

  • February 10, 2010

RivaService.comIn general terms, RivaService is a newly-launched solution that serves two main purposes: the management of field services, and the scheduling of jobs. Taken together, their aim is to let any organization manage its service operations from top to bottom, automating these steps that are traditionally time-consuming.

A dashboard is provided to these ends, and jobs can be scheduled and dispatched from it. Map-based tracking is likewise provided, and the supervisor can see where everybody is located in real time. Logistical changes, then, are very easily implemented.

The most interesting aspect is that this service does not retail at a fixed fee. Rather, RivaService is modular and you will pay as you go. You are solely going to choose the plans that appertain to your company, and pay only for these.

The basic aim of this solution is letting service companies forget about IT and IT infrastructure considerations, and focus on what should matter above all: their core operations, and the satisfaction of clients. It is worth noting that during the current beta phase the service is provided at no cost – you can sign for the field service and see all the main features already in position. Paid plans are yet to be announced.

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More – Total Recruiting Network

  • November 20, 2008 is a new online service that assists high school athletes in marketing themselves to colleges and universities, where they can continue their athletic careers.

The mission of is to help more high school students get access to a college degree through their desire to play sports at the next level.

The team is comprised of individuals that have been through the recruiting process from all points of view: as a player, as a parent, as a coach, and as a recruiter. These people know the process. They know what it takes to be a collegiate athlete, and they know what the colleges are looking for. Using this information and the tools offers, student athletes and their parents can put the power in their hands to get noticed by the colleges they are most interested in attending.

The majority of colleges and programs do not have the resources, time or connections with high school coaches to find talent for their programs. That is why student athletes and their parents need to take an active role in the recruiting process and learn to properly market themselves.

Recruiting is not a spectator sport, you cannot sit on the sideline and wait for them to find you. The reality is the colleges may not know you are out there. TRN360’s service allows you to target the schools you are most interested in, and provide to the colleges the information they need to properly evaluate whether you are a good fit for their program.

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More – Visit Hawes Farms

  • July 28, 2008

HawesFarms.comBeing in touch with Nature is an activity people don’t often do. However, it is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Furthermore, there are many activities that involve Nature that you can do with your family. If you like animals and farms, you should take a look at this site. has a large family trajectory in farming and has soon included a project in which they share their environment and habitat with other people. So, if you would like to spend a day at the farm and do something different in your weekend, check out this site. They feature several activities both for adults and children; they all can learn while they have fun. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on top, such as: field trips, campfires, special events, the farmers, etc. In addition, there is a link designated to plan your visit, so you can organize yourself and define when to visit the farm.

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More – Softball Online Source

  • July 22, 2008

SoftballSavings.comDo you want to find baseball supplies? Are you trying to find baseball catchers equipment? is an online store offering a variety of sports clothing and sports supplies. On this online store you can find sport gear including molded plastic cleats, batting gloves and baseball pants. was created to offer a variety of baseball bats and women\’s helmets, in addition to wooden bats and pitching nets. You can check Softball Savings to search for baseball and softball equipment. This online store offers different products ranging from socks to shoes. The site lets you choose among many baseball supplies including baseball bags and batting gloves.

Then, whenever you need sports supplies in addition to sports clothing,you can try this website out. might be the right site to buy baseball pants and batting gloves, as well as pitching nets and wooden bats. Remember this website next time you want to find baseball supplies or baseball clothing.

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More – Field Ministry Products & Supplies

  • July 10, 2008 is an online retailer of field ministry products and supplies. Are you looking for briefcases for sale? Would you like to buy a luxury luggage online? On the official website of MJC you can find a wide variety of products including Canvas briefcases and Radley briefcases at low prices.

Additionally, in case you are looking for a leather satchel as well as leather wallet purses and red leather briefcases, will be a useful site for you to visit. Do you want to buy a purse organizer? Are you looking for Diwali greeting cards? If that is true, you can try this website out.

Remember this site next time you are looking for Canvas briefcases and Radley briefcases, in addition to leather wallet purses, red leather briefcases and leather satchels. Therefore, feel free to stop by if you want to search for any of these products by designers.

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More – Buy Sporting Apparel Online

  • July 7, 2008

OnTheField.comAre you looking for sporting gear that will show your allegiance to your favorite team? If that happens to be the case, you should consider setting your browser to the On The Field online store. The site presents the visitor with a full range of sporting apparel, ranging form NFL and NBA jerseys to custom college clothing.

These can be perused and eventually purchased by means of the provided navigation menu, whereas the site also enables the visitor to carry out a search via the provided tool. Shopping is made suppler thanks to the featured sizing chart, while those who are on a low budget will appreciate the “Specials” section, as items that can be procured without paying full retail are listed therein. The shipping and handling policies that the company abides by are described online, and orders that amount to more than 68 US$ are eligible for free shipping. Moreover, orders can be tracked online for additional convenience.

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More – More Than Just A Name

  • June 26, 2008

Consecofieldhouse.comThis is the website of Conseco Fieldhouse, a suitable place for any kind of events. This field is the favorite home for many shows to take place, including Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever basketball games, World Championship Wrestling, Disney on Ice, and more recognized events in Indiana.

Conseco Fieldhouse offers concourses up to 60 feet at its widest so maneuvering to one of the 100+ concession stands is a walk in the park. From every seat you’ll feel right on top of the action. Its width allows you to be closeness to the excitement; you’ll need the space to stand up and exchange high-fives with all the fans around you. At this site you will find out all the information about this house, the events that take place, and many products to purchase online. It also functions as a great tickets shop, where you can get tickets for any event online. Access the events calendar, buy merchandising, and subscribe to the newsletter, all in one place.

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More – Maverick Firearms

  • June 13, 2008

Maverickarms.comIf you are one of those who just love going hunting, then you are going to love to discover what this site has to offer you as well. With many years of experience in the business, Maverick has established an enviable reputation in affordable, solid hunting and security firearms know around the world for their excellent performance and high value.

Take your time to browse through their many pages all the hunting firearms it has to offer you. Check out the catalog which is available online. Their offer a wide selection on field models, security models, as well as all kind of accessories you may need. In the home page of this site you will be able to read all about Maverick awards and honors; Maverick has won the business journal award as well as it has received the ISO certification. Visit the website to learn more about their services and products. It doesn’t have a FAQ section, but if you have any questions of the layout or content of the site, you can email the webmaster to help you out.

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More – Athletic Company

  • May 27, 2008 is site with the largest selection of equipment and the best services in the industry; you will be able to find a long listing of different training zones, such as pole vault, high jump, shot put, discuss, sprints, middle distance, javelin, hurdles, cross country, general training articles, general coaching articles, and many different articles.

There are many different departments, so you can find all the different products by departments, which are throwing equipment, jumping equipment, shoes and apparel, books and videos, timing and measuring, tents, sprints and hurdle equipment, training equipment, and many other departments, such as athletic facility equipment. There is a Best Sellers section, with Seiko S149 stopwatch and printer, Accusplit AX602, come to high jump practice DVD, kettle bells, elastic foam crossbar, and many other best sellers. There are other sections, such as Training Zone, Camps and Clinics, with athletes’ camps clinics, coaches’ camps clinics, schedule and Bill Falks Schools Teaching Staff.

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More – Ford Field Stadium Online

  • April 24, 2008

Fordfield.comLocated in Detroit, Michigan, the Ford Field stadium is the home base of the NFL team known as the Detroit Lions. Its site (found at fordfield.

com) has all the information on events and tickets. Besides sporting events such as football and basketball, the stadium hosts musical concerts for well-established acts on tour. The site includes a guide to the stadium which contains directions, parking information, traffic updates, and a list of items which are not permitted to bring into the stadium. Premium Club Memberships along with individual game suites and premium suites are detailed online as well. There are also stadium diagrams to check, and a section detailing the story of the stadium, along with miscellaneous facts and information. Those who happen to look for a job are also catered for, as the site includes an “Employment At Ford Field” page, that lists the latest offerings. As could be expected, there is also a page devoted to the Detroit Lions.

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More – Home And Farm Seeds And Supplies

  • April 13, 2008 is the place to go if you want to do something about your lousy-looking flower beds, grow your own food of get rid of home and garden pests.

An eCommerce site, here you’ll be able to find anything and everything related to taking care of a farm, a garden or a greenhouse, big or small, urban or in the countryside, as their impressively wide stock of products will definitely suit any need, with a big plus: since there is always lots of information and ‘Further Reading’ links on each of the product’s sections, you can go on to read and research your optimal planting and harvest seasons by taking advantage of all of these resources. If you are just looking to embellish your front lawn or garden, or make a nice natural gift, this site also hosts something for you, as they sell a large assortment of bird and animal feeders. Competitors of this site can be very skimpy in the information and helpfulness for their customers, and that’s why is such a good place to do one’s shopping: the variety of stock and comprehensive products description make it easy to decide between the different options. For instance, if you explore the flowers area, you will find products sorted out into different regions in which they can grow more easily, so it makes the whole process so much easier. I was also very happy to see that making one’s purchase in the site is very easy, to make sure that even the most inexpert internet buyers can feel comfortable buying their farm and garden seeds from

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More – Track And Field For Students and Coaches

  • April 9, 2008

Athletic.netAre you in college, high school or middle school? Are you involved in the track and field team at your educational establishment? Are you interesting in all the track and field results that have happened recently involving your school or college? Maybe you are an athlete or even a coach and are interested in picking up some extra coaching tips or training advice? Are you organizing a track and field meet or cross country event at your educational establishment? Would you like a quick and easy way to invite competitors from other schools and colleges? www.athletic.

net has been designed to help you with all of the above, it has been designed to make it easy to manage and if you are a coach you can sign up for membership and use the site to its fullest potential. All coaches and track and field stars of the future should take a look at

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More – The Crown Jewel Of the NFL

  • March 7, 2008

LambeauField.comThis is the official website for the Lambeau Field. This football stadium, which was renovated in 2003, changed from being be an ordinary stadium in order to become one of the greatest ones, and today is visited by thousands of tourists and hosts major shows and events.

The site has a very simple, standardized layout, filled with direct links and dynamic menus. Among the numerous things you will find at the site is the calendar of events for the entire year, including packages and special offers for tickets. The stadium contains a renowned Hall of Fame, and in the page you can find all the necessary information to visit it individually or in group. In addition there is a tourist’s guide that describes the various restaurants (a pub, a pizza place, an ice-cream shop and more) that can be found inside the stadium. The different areas of the stadium can be selected in a 3D model that shows a picture of the view from each section.

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More – Design Your Own Country Home

  • March 4, 2008

CountryPlans.comAre you looking for a cottage, a cabin or a small country home? Then you have come to the right place. CountryPlans.

com allows you to design and build your own home. You will also be able to create and modify the plans so you can fit them to the location where you are planning to construct. You will find comfort with the assistance of a powerful search box that will enable the search for specific services and career opportunities in an efficient way. There’s a Forum where you can register and talk about a wide variety of topics such as plans, land, projects, designers and builders. You will find that the layout is quite simple yet effective, since it contributes with an intuitively comprehensible navigation. The design is both simple and user-friendly adding to the site an image of professionalism. So if this site caught your attention, check it out at

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Skate Park of Tampa – Online Skate Shop and Mag

  • February 13, 2008

Skate Park of TampaThis is the website of the Skate Park of Tampa and their store. It has all the information about competitions and how to use and rent the Tampa Skate Park which also offers skating courses.

It has an online store with all skate supplies: wheels, tracks and decks of all brands. Additionally, it offers clothing, including shoes and accessories. In the store you can buy DVD’s and CD’s as well. The store is very easy to navigate, since it lets you find the products by type or brand very easily and their prices are VERY competitive! The website has photos, articles and news about skate events including latest contests results. The interface is very simple and practical which helps make this site extraordinarily complete. Skate Park of Tampa

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More – USA Track and Field

  • December 9, 2007

Usatf.orgUSA Track and Field is a national organization governing track and field, running and race walking. The site includes calendars, events, news, athlete biographies, Hall of Fame, records and lists, merchandise, associations, youth, masters, coaches and officials plus other information of use for runners and track sportspeople.

Take a look at some of the special features on running routes, where you can find an off-beat, cool-vista running route near you or upload your own in order to share it with other runners; the application runs on support provided by GoogleMaps. The site also includes a store where you can buy tickets for upcoming events, support the Track and Field organization while buying cool equipment that has been approved by the pros, or vote for one of them for the Athlete of the Year award.

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