6 Steps To Business Success For Women

  • February 6, 2014

The following steps are the ones I took to build a successful company and specifically, to take full advantage of the resources and advice available to me: Take advantage of access to experts. When I started iCreate, I participated in an incubator program that provided me access to many experts who had….


And This Week’s Award For Most Offensive App Goes To…

  • October 28, 2013

Incentive based marketing and sales strategies are fairly old hat in the world of business. It’s pretty straightforward, customers and clients like walking away feeling like they both got something. Most strategists think of incentive as a form of motivation, but one app is re-thinking that paradigm. What I…


It’s Lonely At The Top, So Bring Others With You

  • October 7, 2013

While many business challenges are common for all founders, there are unique lessons that women entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn in business. Here are several essential lessons I’ve learned as a successful female entrepreneur and what every female founder should know along the way…


How One Startup Turned Small Clothing Into Big Business

  • August 28, 2013

Fed-up with the instability that came with working in the corporate sector, Elizabeth Bates chose to take the plunge and fought to create her own sense of stability by founding one of San Diego’s first environmentally friendly home-cleaning companies. It turns out that 26-year-old Bates had a knack for…


Always.com – Always For Your Hygiene

  • July 14, 2012

If you are a woman then you have heard of the Always brand. Always is a leading manufacturer of feminine hygiene products across the globe. If you are curious about the different products that they carry then make certain that you visit the always.com website and see for yourself. They have a entire listing of all the popular products that they sell and you will love what you are able to get for your needs. As you may know all periods are different. If you want to make sure that you are getting the right product for your needs then make sure that stop by the always.com website.

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SocialJoe.net – Find Someone To Date

  • April 13, 2011

SocialJoe.netIf you ever find yourself wishing there were an app that does what Foursquare does but placing all the emphasis on dating others, then I have the perfect site for you. Social Joe is precisely that: a location-based service that revolves around dating.

Users of Social Joe are enabled to meet singles who are close to their actual position. The app works anonymously – it never reveals who you really are, all it does is to tell you how far away your possible date is. That information is provided at the bottom of the chat window, and it is visible at all times.

The Social Joe application can be had for free, and it works on just any smartphone. All you have to do is bookmark the site using your mobile browser, specify whether you are a male or a female, and then sit back and see if your luck is in. You cannot, however, specify what you are interested in – if you are a male, the app is going to assume you are looking for a female. And viceversa.

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HelpAGuyOut.com – Where Men Ask Women For Help

  • July 17, 2010

HelpAGuyOut.comDo you want to success in your next date with a girl? Are you looking for dating and relationships advice to learn how to understand women and their thoughts? If that is your case, Helpaguyout.com might be the right site for you to stop by. HelpAGuyOut is a site where you can ask women for dating and relationship advice.

Guys can register on Helpaguyout.com for free, and start asking for advice on relationships and advice on dating. Besides, women can register to answer men’s questions and make money. This site charges guys for asking questions, and pays women for answering these questions and giving relationship advice with a female perspective.

Are you looking for relationship advice and advice on dating with a female perspective? Would you like women to answer your questions on dating, relationship and love? If that is so, Helpaguyout.com might be a good option to keep in mind.

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HolidayGoddess.com – A Travel Website For Women

  • June 14, 2010

HolidayGoddess.comA travel website for women, Holiday Goddess is edited by more than 30 female journalists all over the world. Their collective credentials include publications as diverse as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Rolling Stone and Mad Magazine.

The sections of the site, then, go by truly gender specific names such as “Traveling With Children” and “Handbag Guides”. And the prototypical sections in which travel destinations are highlighted one by one and concrete queries are answered as the readers send them in are likewise featured.

Other sections that merit a mention include the provided holiday horoscope, and the one in which travel packs are given away (“Win Tiffany’s Tribute Travel Pack”). And there is also a full section devoted to podcasts, providing insider tips for every featured destination.

Besides, a Facebook page and a very active Twitter feed are featured and these will let the readership and the editorial team communicate to an even further degree.

Note that if you want to launch a search you can get started in more ways than one. You can either specify the continent and then the country, or you can pick the kind of holiday from a list that includes options such “Budget Travel”, “Exotic Destinations” and “Health And Fitness”.

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HelloCotton.com – Blogs For Women By Women

  • June 5, 2010

HelloCotton.comHellocotton.com is the official website of Hello Cotton, a blog for women you can use to find women’s fashion trends and tips.Are you looking for cosmetic recommendations online? Would you like to post your comments about women’s haircut styles? If that happens to be true, make sure you give this site a try.

If you want to find women’s hairstyling ideas, feel free to stop by Hellocotton.com to find short hairstyles ideas and long hairstyles ideas. In case you also want to learn how to use a sewing machine, this site might be a good option for you to keep in mind.

In conclusion, next time you are looking for an online women’s blog where you can find cosmetic recommendations, as well as womens trends and information on how to use a sewing machine, take a look at Hellocotton.com. If you want to find short hairstyles ideas, this website can be of help.

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AssistedSerendipity.com – Romance But Not By Chance

  • May 13, 2010

AssistedSerendipity.comIn case you didn’t know, the word “serendipity” stands for “something good that happens by chance”. The thing is, chance is something that might come too late.

That is why giving it a little push is not a bad idea at all. And that is exactly what this service does.

In general terms, it is a simple application that Foursquare users can employ in order to know how many females and how many males are in their favorite hangouts. The application will give you an immediate answer, and also tell you whether or not the odds are in your favor.

Besides, Assisted Serendipity can keep on monitoring a place and contact you when the scene has changed and a visit to the venue in question could turn to be fruitful.

I think we all agree that this is anything but a complex application, and I think we agree that it is also quite an entertaining tool to use. Personally, I feel it is a very good example of these apps that succeed for the mere fact that they give people right what they want (a chance to have some fun, in this case), and do so in the most direct way of all.

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Stemming.org – A Social Site For Female Science Adepts

  • January 4, 2010

Stemming.orgIt is certainly interesting to see the way in which specialized networking sites crop up. The appeal some of these have is too circumscribed to lead to a successful growth to some market-savvy spectators, but the one who launches such a website knows all too well that the site will have a limited yet highly-loyal following.

It is all part of the equation.

I am sure the ones who have released this social site thought about all this. Stemming is a community resource that is aimed at female science and technology enthusiasts, and the ones who are keen on engineering and mathematics are also taken into account. Users can not only share content and media though the site, but they can also take up the role of mentors and guide other members along the scientific pathway.

Ultimately, the site has the clear advantage of being on a field of its own. There is a public for initiatives of this type, and while it might not be a voluminous one it is certainly (and always) loyal enough for these sites to be viable.

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They Are Photogenic – GreatTennisPhotos.Blogspot.com

  • September 11, 2009

They Are PhotogenicTennis is a great sport and some tennis players have the capability of being as good on the Tennis Court as they are in front of the camera. If you think that some tennis stars are attractive you need to give this site a visit to take a look at many pictures you will definitely enjoy.

This blog is written by Lana who is a Bosnian tennis lover that started it for fun and realized that many people enjoy these pictures. There are different articles you will also find on this blog and you will have the chance to learn about you favorite tennis star after you stop by it at Greattennisphotos.blogspot.com They Are Photogenic

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DefinitiveDiva.com – The Modern Woman´s Destination

  • June 1, 2009

DefinitiveDiva.comIt could be said that this site was designed for women. However, you will also find it interesting if you are a guy that wants to learn more about women.

DefinitiveDiva.com is an interesting online source that aims to give you information about all the resources you need to know about in order to get data about a wide variety of topics ranging from dating and relationships to business and lifestyle.

In case you become a member of this community you will have the opportunity to get in touch with a wide assortment of people. In this way you will be able to discuss about many topics and get advice. This advice will be provided to you by reliable coaches and advisers that will give you the support you need from other women that really understand the way you feel.

If you are a modern, confident, and clever woman you will have the chance not only to improve your personal activities, but also to help other women that are in need of advice. The Definitive Diva is a captivating site that is already being visited by both men and women because it gives you the help you need in order to improve the way you live. There are the words that define this site’s essence: Beauty and power. In case you like them stop by this online resource.

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PinksAndGreens.com – Golf Apparel For Women

  • May 4, 2009

PinksAndGreens.comDo you like playing Golf? Are you a woman? Perfect combination! PinksandGreens is an online boutique that offers a quite peculiar but attractive alternative to all those women that love playing golf and do not have the chance to have a place where they can find high quality and exclusive women’s Golf Apparel.

This website gives you the opportunity to be part of a female golfing community where you can post your ideas and feelings about many golf related items.

In addition to this, you will be able to take a look at some of the fanciest and more fashionable golf apparel you can find in the market.

On this site you will find all the information you want about a new and innovative boutique where you can rate many products, as well as to get access to a number of newsletters.

The site has an enjoyable design and you will have the chance to get different looks and perspectives of some classic and high quality designs and products, in addition to some of the most innovative models you can use in your next golfing season. No matter it is winter, summer, spring or fall, this site will give you a detailed list of products you can acquire after you read about them.

You can give this online boutique a visit at www.pinksandgreens.com and learn more about it.

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GirlGamer.com – For All Gaming Girls Out There

  • April 7, 2009

GirlGamer.comAre you are girl and you want to find an online gamers community to express yourself? If that is so, Girl Gamer could be a good option to keep in mind. The site gives you information regarding games for different platforms including Wii and Nintendo. In case you want to learn about Resident Evil for Wii or about Dark Side Chronicles for PC, this site could be of help to you.

Many users stop by Girlgamer.com to search for anything they are interested in about Resident Evil for Wii or Dark Side Chronicles for PC. Additionally, there are different benefits provided by this site when it comes to playing the latest games, including Nintendo DS games and PC games.

In case you want to find information about recent games like Resident Evil for Wii or Dark Side Chronicles for PC, Girlgamer.com might be worth a visit. You just need to visit Girlgamer.com to share your gaming experience with other girls on a gamers community.

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Plural.Ca – Singles Becoming Plural In Ontario

  • January 29, 2009

Plural.CaThis new site is dedicated to connect singles in Ontario, Canada. Since nowadays it has become more difficult to find that very special person, as well as to expand ones social life, this site’s creators started it with the idea of helping people to enjoy their lives.

If you are alone, and you are looking for your other half, as well as if you just want to meet somebody in order to have a casual date, or something more physical, this site will give you a very effective way of accomplishing that.

The best thing of this site is the fact that you will not have to pay anything in order to enjoy its many advantages and benefits.

In order to use this, you need to register on the site and become a member by filling out a registration page. Then you can search for other members very quickly, through the 3 different categories. After that you can get in touch with them by sending an email and you can star flirting with them

If you want more information about different dating ideas, and other useful tips, you just need to be a member of this dating network by clicking at www.plural.ca


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1ModelAgency.com – Find An Agent Or Manager

  • July 4, 2008

1ModelAgency.comThis site provides a place where all of those female, male and kid models can find a professional agent or manager to boost their careers. You can start of in this site by entering the Agents section.

Here you will be able to enter your personal information so that the site can send you via e-mail a list of the talent agencies and managers in your area. Whether you are interested in modeling, acting, are a musician, singer or dancer, this site can provide you with the information you need. If you are interested in auditioning for TV commercials, photo shoots or more of this sort, you can also enter your information in this site in order to receive casting notices in your area. If what you want is to start your portfolio, this site can also provide you with information on photographers and many more to help you out. This and much more is among the things that you can find in this site. 1ModelAgency.com

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ShaniaStarlight.com – Celebrate Your Inner Star

  • June 29, 2008

ShaniaStarlight.comAs part of the marketing campaign for Starlight, the official Shania Twain fragrance, ShaniaStarlight.com is the place to go to discover the full line of products, the inspiration behind the perfume, and also play an intensely addictive ‘remember the pattern’ game which you can forward to a friend to ruin a perfectly productive office day.

Also interesting are the trailers where you can take a look at come behind-the-scenes footage of the perfume’s commercial being shot in the hills of Spain. While purchases are not directly available through the site, explore the ‘Where to Buy’ section to find a shop in your area carrying the Starlight product line; unfortunately you’ll have to rely in Google to help you find online retailers who do, as ShaniaStarlight.com has omitted to present such important information, a rather strange mishap taking into account that 64% of the people who use the internet to research a product they are interested in purchasing end up doing their shopping online. The site is very nice in terms of design and information, though a link to Shania Twain’s official site and MySpace profile should be considered… ShaniaStarlight.com

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