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  • April 21, 2008

Soapsgonebuy.comSoapsgonebuy.com is a site that offers many different kinds and brands of soap, and sells them online worldwide.

You can search for soap sorted out by price, manufacturer, most popular and also from newest to oldest soaps. Every item has a photo of the package, a brief description and its price. You can search for a specific soap depending whether it’s in the laundry, specialty or bath soap sections. Recipes are provided in the Recipes section to help the reader get informed and learn on different uses for washing soda and stain remover among others. Also recipes on how to make your own laundry soap are provided as well. Here you can also buy soap and find prices by case, depending on the quantity of soaps by case. In order to purchase products on this web site you will need to crate an account that requires your personal information, your shipping address and payment method. Soapsgonebuy.com

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