Woodrow.org – National Fellowship Foundation

  • March 4, 2008

Woodrow.orgWoodrow.com is the official site of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

The site provides different information regarding policy publications, news, newsletters and reports for teachers, in order to improve secondary education. The foundation provides fellowships in different departments; teaching, foreign affairs, conservation, woman & gender, religion & ethics, etc. The idea of providing these fellowships is to support the leaders of the future. In the page, you will have the possibility to click in the fellowships so as to get more information on them. Over the past few years, the foundation has developed programs in order to promote excellence concerning higher education. Ingenious and original ways to improve teachers´ preparation are provided in the site, which you will find in the School University Partnerships section. Information regarding precisely selected incentives to promote innovation and improvement at undergraduate and graduate levels is provided in the Higher Education Initiatives´ category. If you want to know more about Woodrow Wilson’s organization, go and visit the page. Woodrow.org

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