Feedingo.com – A Fresh Reader Of Feeds

  • June 27, 2010

Feedingo.comFeedingo is a new reader of feeds that aims to make a name for itself in a market that has already got some big names vying for attention. If we were to focus on what Feedingo does and nothing else, now, it is quite a good application.

It will let you organize your feeds in different groups, sort the actual posts in a plurality of ways and share what you are reading with your friends socially.

As far as the first of these functionalities goes, by grouping together these blogs that like you end up creating something akin to a customized blog with all the content you love reading from all across the blogosphere.

When it comes to the option to sort posts, you can hide the ones that you have already read, have the oldest/newest ones displayed more prominently… whatever gives you a more organic way of consuming posts, and makes you feel as if you were reading the blog itself, not just posts in a mere aggregator. And note that posts can be saved and be read later on, too.

Finally, the social buttons that are provided will let you spread the content all across sites like Facebook, Delicious, Twitter… A URL shortener of its very own is used, too.

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