Diffbot.com – Information Extraction Made Easy

  • April 1, 2009

Diffbot.comGenerally speaking, Diffbot is a company that specializes in the extraction of information and the way that data is handled. This means that the company is a purveyor of solutions that aim to let users deal with all the information that they have to process daily in a more elastic and less burdensome way.

One of the most interesting solutions on offer is a RSS optimizer named Feedbeater. Basically, it can turn any webpage you come across into a customizable RSS feed or e-mail alert. Most sites include a RSS feed by default at this moment, but should you come across one that you like and that is missing it, you can count on this nifty tool.

A tool named Diffbot reader lets you know when your favorite sites have been updated, so that you don’t have to check everything manually to see which site has been updated and which one remains the same.

There is also a Firefox extension that can be used for syncing up all your bookmarks and having access to your favorite pages anywhere an Internet connection is available.

As a conclusion, this company gives anybody a ready chance to stay abreast of the information that matters the most to him.

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FeedBeater.com – Turn Any URL Into A RSS Feed

  • October 29, 2008

FeedBeater.comThe FeedBeater website serves one concise aim, namely enabling its users to turn any given URL into a RSS feed. This service is not only rendered in an entirely hassle-free manner, but it is also available at no cost.

Upon setting your browser to FeedBeater.com, you will be greeted with a box where you can type in or paste the URL of the site in question. Once this has been done, you simply click on the “Beat It!” button and then a RSS feed is generated instantly.

The site claims to produce clean and intelligent RSS feeds by identifying new content and applying a filter that leaves out any unimportant elements of the concerned site.

Further features include a FeedBeater bookmarklet that can be used to syndicate any page that you visit. This can be found under the “Widgets” heading, along with a script that will enable your site visitors to syndicate any page on your website.

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