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Startup Testing Tips Before You Even Launch

  • June 19, 2012

The lean startup model is pretty smart—you get your product out in the public as quickly as possible, smooth out the bugs, get feedback, and keep building so that in a year you’ll have a market-tested, user-approved product. But what about those who want to test their startup before they invest and launch? It’s definitely possible, and here’s some top testing tips and tactics to prove it.

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More – Test The Usability Of Your Site

  • February 2, 2009

FeedbackArmy.comFeedback Army is a new service whereby you can implement a usability test for any website, and receive a number of responses from a team of reviewers who test its efficacy and stability. This service is rendered at a cost that is stipulated online, and you will receive a total of ten different responses detailing whether browsing through your site was an easy task or something that has to become more user-friendly for the site to have a chance.

Other than that, the website includes a set of example results for you to see what kind of aspects are taken into account and how is the information presented back to you, whereas a section entitled “Usability Testing Tips” is featured for you to realize which questions should be addressed when trying to find out how usable a site is.

All in all, if you have been wondering whether your site stands a chance or not in the web at large and are looking for as many opinions as you can get, then this service might provide you with some food for thought. Point your browser to in order to get started.

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