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Allregs.com – AllRegs Mortgage Compliance Training

  • July 9, 2012

The AllRegs Company of Eagan, Minnesota is an online education company that operates a cyber school at allregs.com. Understanding that mortgage corporations are constantly burdened with changing tax codes and regulations gave rise to the company with its continuing education department designed to help customers keep in compliance with the local, state and federal regulations that are specific to the industry. They have quickly become a top resource for training mortgage companies regarding current regulations for underwriting, and compliance. Their offerings on allregs.com are divided by category into sections that allow users to quickly narrow their search to the most current regulations that apply to any given situation. From single family lending rules, to underwriting loans and working with self employed borrowers, their site has manuals and guides published in convenient policy and procedure format that details how mortgage companies should handle the most complex situations.

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