FBLiky.com – Share Your Likes & Let Others Add Comments

  • July 5, 2010

FBLiky.comThere are many resources for letting others know about these sites that you have liked on Facebook. There might actually be even more than is warranted.

This means that when one site that serves that very same purpose and which also adds something new comes into the scene it is easy to notice it. That is the case of FBLiky.

You see, the site will not only let you share your likes with all and sundry – it will actually empower the ones who see what you have liked comment on each and every single page that you have decided to share with them.

That might not seem like too much of a departure from what related services let you do, but the difference is felt quite notably when you are using the site. I mean, such a capability adds a whole new layer of interactivity, and the sharing of content is taken in a new direction. If anything, everything gains context and perspective, and the exchange of content becomes more realized in the end.

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