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Say Goodbye To Awkward Intros

Say Goodbye To Awkward Intros

Some people might think, “Introductions, what’s the big deal?” Exactly.

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Encouraging creative types to do their best, is a platform that is free and open to all and sundry. On this site, people can offer points to those who help them make their own projects come true. The idea is that the more one helps people then the more points he will get for offering others in exchange for their help when the time comes. And it is also possible to buy points to offer people in exchange for their help...

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This site is all about supplying you with all you might ever need to get a party decoration started, regardless of the theme, occasion or budget. Ranging from basics (balloons, gossamer and tableware) to more sophisticated stuff, like arches, entrances, standees and stand ins. The site also features some basic help and emergency kits that will allow you to throw in a party out of the blue with minimum hassle, taking care of all the...

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