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8 Great Apps For Local Recommendations While Traveling

8 Great Apps For Local Recommendations While Traveling

Eight of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs share their favorite apps for local recommendations when traveling. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, when I’m in a new place I make it my duty to try the best foods and venues that the local community has to offer. Over time, I’ve found that the most…

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Local Mind is a new mobile and web application that lets you ask questions to people who have checked via Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook Places into any venue. If you and your friends fail to agree on what to do on a Friday night and one of them insists on checking some club at the other end of the city you all live in, you could very easily use Local Mind and ask any person who is already there if the venue is really worth the long...

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Will Facebook Places become the de facto ruler of location-based networking? Ask the ones who have come up with this service, and the will certainly begin nodding their heads empathically. Otherwise, why would they have created a service whose usefulness is directly tied to the eventual mass adoption that Facebook Places might have? Because Localley will be as successful as Facebook Places turns out to be. By using it, you will be...

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