Ezeep.de – Use Printers Remotely

  • May 6, 2011

Ezeep.deWe all have to use a public printer ever now and then, and while emailing the files to the nice fellow who sits behind the counter (or handing him a pendrive) would hardly be defined as energy-zapping, there is a way to get the job done much faster. And it is found at Ezeep.de.

Ezeep is a service that allows people to print documents straight from their mobile phones and tablets. By using this service, anybody can use the public printers found at any copyshop, cafe or hotel remotely. That is, he will be able to upload the file to be printed directly, and have it printed in one fell swoop.

For this to work, the printer must have been made public by its owner. It is only when that has been done that the printer becomes findable by people who are close to its location.

Both adding a printer and signing up for an account in order to use printers remotely cost nothing. The system is yet to go international, but it is headed down the right path already.

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