Eyeooo.com – Open Several Pages At The Same Time

  • May 26, 2011

Eyeooo.comIf you think about it, designers do not really have that many applications for comparing multiple pages at the same time. And that is quite disconcerting, really – doing such a thing is practically the ABC of their work. Well, it seems someone realized that there was such a notorious gap to be filled, and that is why he devised an application such as Eyeooo.

To put it in simple words Eyeooo, is a tool that makes for opening multiple sites at the very same time. You (as the one using the service) are enabled to choose the exact configuration you want the sites to be displayed (IE, which one should take up a bigger window, and which one should not be given that much space). Then, by supplying their individual addresses you will have them featured simultaneously, right in the same screen.

Eyeooo.com can handle up to three different sites at the same time, which sounds like a reasonable-enough number for me. Anything larger than that would clunk things up beyond belief, and make the fine details of sites all but impossible to appreciate.

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