GlobalEyeGlasses.com – Buy Eyeglasses Online

  • October 20, 2011

GlobalEyeGlasses.comGlobalEyeglasses.com is the one site that you should visit when wanting to buy eyeglasses on the Internet. This online retailer has got it all – eyeglasses for men, women and kids, and you can browse through all of the items that make up its catalog by size, style, shape, color and material. And also by price. You can make it clear how much you’re ready to pay for all the eyeglasses that fall within that range to be presented. And uploading/inputting your doctor’s prescription is done in seconds – the site packs a really great user interface.

And the site comes with lots of cool features. My favorite (and I guess most of you will adore it, too) is the virtual mirror that you can use for free. This will let you see how well any pair of eyeglasses look on you. And this feature is all the more likable because you can share the image you get with all your friends. You’ll never have to make the decision of which eyeglasses to buy alone.

GlobalEyeglasses.com offers a 90-day return policy, and it charges a worldwide flat shipping rate of $5.95. And it’s important to mention that the company sells more than eyeglasses – it actually sells a truly great range of sunglasses and sports glasses.

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JustEyeWear.com – An Online Retailer Of Eyeglasses

  • January 5, 2010

JustEyeWear.comJustEyeWear is a company that sells prescription glasses online, direct to customers. By doing so, the prices it offers are lower than those traditionally charged by retail stores.

Just as an example, the company’s average price for a full set of frames and lenses stands at about $30, whereas the average pair of glasses that a brick-and-mortar establishment would charge is around $150.

When it comes to the actual selection on offer, the company offers about 500 frames to choose from. These are found on the website under the “Men” and “Women” headings, whereas a comprehensive “Eyeglasses Guide” is provided for anybody to have a better overall understanding of what he can buy and which option will be the most suitable one to his/her needs.

You can also check the relevant section of the site to learn more about shipping, handling and related considerations. Note that the company is based in the United States. That is no small detail – the vast majority of retailers of online eyeglasses are located in China, and ship from Hong Kong. This obviously translates into faster shipping times.

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Eyeglass.com – Get The Best Eyeglasses Now

  • April 9, 2008

Eyeglass.comHaving efficient eyeglasses can make the difference in your sight. Many times you use sun glasses to prevent the UV rays damage your sight.

Many others you just have to use them to be able to see correctly. Whatever the reason is, in eyeglass.com you can find all the eyeglasses you may be looking for. Here you can find eyeglass frames, sun glasses, lenses, reading glasses, monocles and accessories for eyeglasses such as cases, cosmetics and many other more. You can look for them by category or by brand and you are able to order them online. Details and specifications about each eyeglass are provided so that the customer makes the best decision. In case you have any doubt or concern you may get in contact with eyeglass.com through the web site or just search in the FAQ section if you can clear your doubts. Take care of your sight; otherwise you can have complications in the future. Eyeglass.com

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