EyeBall.fm – Discovering Music You Might Like

  • April 19, 2010

EyeBall.fmEyeball.fm is a new service for the discovery of new music that you could try out.

It aims to leave its mark by offering those who use it a more visual experience on the whole, as by looking up an artist you will receive a lot of visual data to analyze.

And in addition to searching for new music to try out, Eyeball.fm makes it very easy for anybody to store and share his favorite music, That is so because people can upload their iTunes libraries to the site. Of course, this has the added advantage of unlocking a wealth of content such as music videos, and through artist information like online biographies and song lyrics.

Furthermore, Eyeball.fm enables users to build playlists that can go on for as long as they want. Such a feature works greatly in tandem with the smart suggestion engine that is hosted on the website, as the list of similar artists is always on the ball. Plus, full integration with Facebook makes for sharing new finds with your friends an immediate (and enjoyable) task.

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