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WidgetBucks.com – Make Money with Shopping Widgets

  • October 4, 2007

WidgetBucks.comAre you a publisher or a blogger? Want to make some extra money by doing very little work? Who doesn’t? If you visit WidgetBucks.com you will find a way to make money by placing pay per click shopping widgets on your site.

If you sign up now you get $25, which is only the start of your monthly profit. At Widgetbucks.com you can place relevant, dynamic widgets on your page. For example if your blog is about mountain biking Widgetbucks.com will put the most popular mountain biking product, based on trends, on your blog, such as the newest mountain biking gear. Every time someone clicks on that widget you get money. The widget is dynamic and catches the eye of browsers, you can decide to design your widget or let Widgetbucks.com choose it for you. The Widgetbucks.com widgets see between $3-$6 CPM which is almost double what traditional ads deliver. Go to Widgetbucks.com to discover more about how you can make some extra cash.

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