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Xtremenow.com – Extreme Sports Video Portal

  • May 12, 2008

Xtremenow.comXtremeNow is a video site where anyone can watch streaming videos of extreme athletes doing what they do best. Either enter a search term into the search bar or narrow down your search by selecting one of: Motox, Skysurfing, Rollerblade, Barefoot Ski, BMX, Wakeboard, Snowboard or Skateboard.

There are currently over 1,000 videos to choose from and they are generally of high quality and accompanied by an appropriate soundtrack. The site also allows you to keep track of recent posts through RSS or directly on the page where they are listed in chronological order. While this is obviously a site for user-generated and submitted content, there does not appear to be any way for users to submit their own content to the site, which must be a glitch.

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Skuff.tv – Videos, Music and Action Sports

  • September 14, 2007

Skuff.tvSkuff.tv is a newly launched action sports community which specializes in video and music.

They’ve got pre-programmed content and hot footage from the likes of Stab Magazine, Zoli Borbasi, The Cole Brothers in FMX, the Stoopid Base Crew and Idiots Inc. among others. Significant scenester brands like Afends and Electric Visual have also planted roots in the site. The site also plays host to music videos and songs from underground artists and emerging talents. Users can browse content by genre or using the query box. Videos can be aggregated to create a personal playlist. Skuff is free for all extreme sports enthusiasts to join.

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ActionProfiles.com – Action Sports Community

  • September 14, 2007

ActionProfiles.comActionProfiles is what else but an action sports community. Enthusiasts of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, bmx, motorcross, and skiing are invited to join the ‘dopest action sports social network in cyberspace’. The features list should sound familiar to anyone who’s done the Myspace circuit. Each member gets a profile page which can be adorned with photos and videos. Besides the usual demographic info–name, age, location, and sex—we get to find out nicknames, desired sponsors, sport, goals, favorite tunes, foods, spot, company, and heroes. There’s a community section for gabbing about whatever, an industry section where insiders can advertise their goods, there’s a video arena, and a job board. Posting jobs and joining the network is absolutely free.


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Rip.tv – The Place For Adventure Sports Action

  • September 5, 2007

Rip.tvRip.tv, is not as you might expect, a site dedicated to elaborate elegies to the departed; rather, it’s a sports network which focuses on snowboarding, surfing, and other popular activities with a distinctly urban following.

Visitors will find popular videos, featured channels, and all the latest in extreme sports news. Registered users can submit their own cool action videos, or they can simply browse the archives and check out past classics like ‘Drop In’ seasons one, two in three, in which you can watch the ‘crew’ pulling off crazy antics. The site also has plenty of photos and contests for its members to participate in. Rip has also got those must have social networking fixtures: profiles, commenting, Google maps, and event listings. Join now to get the low down on adventure sports scenes.

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