FromBob.to – Extraterrestial Life As A Viable Option

  • March 26, 2008

FromBob.toHow many times did you gaze into the vastness of the sky and wondered one too many times, are we alone? Whether you tend to be a skeptical person or not, information is never too much. FromBob.

to aims to explore an eventual contact with extraterrestrial life. For further understanding, this site features a huge amount of interviews and reviews of the topic. In addition to this, there are some interesting theories posted such as the Frank Drake’s equation. Moreover, you can calculate an estimate number of civilizations in our galaxy and how many of them could be detected from Earth. As far as the layout is concerned, you will find it is quite simple yet effective, since it contributes with an intuitively comprehensible navigation. The design of the homepage has a background that resembles the night sky, inciting you to take a deeper look into the subject this site deals with. Therefore, if you happen to be interested in this site and the information it provides, check out FromBob.to. FromBob.to

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