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  • April 5, 2008

PlanetFeedback.comWhether you have questions, suggestions or compliments for companies, it is always good to let them know. If you agree with me, then, you might find the service offered in Planetfeedback.

com interesting and useful. This site provides a letter system for you to use in order to give companies or brands your feedback. On the site you will as well find letters from people expressing their opinions, letting their voices be heard. If you are interested in writing a letter yourself, sharing your own points of view, you can do so from the page, but first you must create an account. In the ratings section you will find listings of the top 75 companies and industries; if interested in any particular, click on it so as to get information on the companies and read the letters sent to them. If you have any complaints or suggestions and would like to speak your mind, don’t hesitate to visit the site.

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