More – American Express Rewards Various Options

  • July 25, 2012

No matter which country you live in, is for you if you have an American Express card. Here, you can select your country, then start to find information about your rewards for your card. By using this site, merchants can also get information about accepting their credit cards in their store.

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More – More Expressive Emoticons

  • May 24, 2011

Smurks.netAvailable for iOS, Smurks is an application that breathes a whole new sense of being into the concept of communicating via emoticons. Smurks basically lets users draw these faces that they want to feature as part of their messages. This is done using a supple design tool that enables the user to stretch and morph the face via hand gestures, until it transmits the actual emotion that is to be conveyed. The smurk will then become shareable via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter… all the settings people connect with each other nowadays are more than supported.

As an application, Smurks is interesting because it can let people with autism express their emotions in a way that feels natural both to them and their recipients. It is very easy for autistic children to send a SMS with one of these smileys to convey the way they feel.

Smurks can be bought at the App Store for a nominal price ($ 0.99), and it runs equally well on iPhones, iPods and iPads. iOS 3.1 or later is required.

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More – Use Icons To Express Yourself In Facebook

  • April 28, 2010

Iconize.meIt had to happen. In the same way that systems for tweeting out images instead of text were devised, someone had to come up with an entirely graphical interface for Facebook.

The reasoning behind it all is not that tricky to understand – more than often, an image paints a thousand words. Besides, text is univocal as opposed to images. That is, if you write “Going to the cinema in two hours with the girls” as your status on Facebook that is mostly it. But if you used an image to get that point across you could give it a million connotations, starting with which kind of image you use (a still from a movie you like, a cartoon, a hand-made drawing…) and continuing with its shape, the number of colors that you actually employ… the list runs long.

That is what this site is all about: providing everybody with a visual set of icons for Facebook. There are about 600 of these already available, and they are meant to replace many status updates. “They are meant to” does not imply that such a concept will manage to catch on, obviously. I think that its success will be quite limited – people will use them for very specific actions, and that will be it. It is a nice try, but you are not changing something that is so rooted that easy.

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More – Voicing Your Thoughts

  • March 15, 2010

KillerThoughts.comKillerThoughts is a new website that will let you speak your mind, and say whatever you are thinking in as anonymous a way as you might want. The service will be of great use for these moments in which you feel like saying a lot but you know that nobody within your close personal or professional circle could be a good recipient.

When that happens, you simply make your way to this site and speak your mind at will.

The site itself is certainly intuitive, as you can have your text inputted and presented without format of any kind if that is what you want. And chances are that more than often a resource such as this one will be used when passions are running high, and the last thing you want to deal with is formatting this and that before submitting anything.

However, if you have the time you can tweak a little aspects like the size and the style of the font, and you can also use smileys. Moreover, you can add hypertext links in order to give your piece of writing more context. For example, if what you are posting has been inspired by an article in a magazine you can include a link to it and make the connection something entirely evident.

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More – Microblog The Way You Are Feeling

  • November 16, 2009

Emote.inA system like Twitter accommodates many uses. Conveying the way you feel at any given time is obviously one of them, but if for this or the other reason you want to share your feelings in a setting which is solely devoted to that, this new site will let you do it.

Initially, it is a microsharing site where you can let others know about what is going through your heart and head right on the spot. These updates go by the names of “Dots”, and they are not that dissimilar to tweets. One of the differences is that they can be accompanied by emoticons to illustrate how you feel.

When it comes to the way that information is displayed, a vertical notice list is employed, much like the one that is used on other microblogging sites. It is coupled with a scrolling timeline that displays a user’s lifestream on a horizontal canvas and provides the chance to go back in time, connecting the past and the present seamlessly. In this way, the site becomes something akin to a personal diary that anybody can read and ponder upon.

This website aims to provide the missing link in the way people communicate and connect online. Can it make it or not? Pay it a visit at the provided address and arrive at your own conclusions.

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More – Learn To Express Yourself

  • October 29, 2009

HeartsKitchen.comBeing inarticulate is as commonplace as it is damaging to your social interactions. Was it Madonna who sang “boy, you better learn to express yourself”? I think she did.

That is the right piece of advice – people will never be able to read your mind and your heart. And if you want to start taking the barriers apart one by one but don’t know how to set going, this website will provide you with more than a few ideas.

It goes by the name of Heart’s Kitchen. It features suggestions which are suited to tastes of every kind, but (as they point out on the site) “the ideas are not all chocolate and candy”. Ideas for different situations are provided.

The fact remains that most people have more relationships with family, friends, and co-workers than they actually do with people they are romantically involved with. The site effectively includes information that would enable anybody to do something memorable for those who are always in their minds and hearts. What goes unsaid always remains like that. It is best to express yourself. Period. This site has enough resources to ensure you will be capable of doing so, regardless of the circumstances.

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Many Likes & Dislikes –

  • September 15, 2009

Many Likes & DislikesFreedom is something we all want to accomplish in our lives. When it comes to expressing yourself it is always positive to find places that allow you to do that.

That might seem to be the main reason why this blog was created. In essence, the blog’s name is pretty self-explanatory if you want to know what it is all about.

On this blog you will find a wide assortment of articles with the author’s main ideas expressed in a totally free environment. In addition to this, you will find a variety of funny wallpapers you might use yourself to let others know what you think and feel about many issues. Feel free to post your comment about anything article you read on this blog. Many Likes & Dislikes

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More – Create Your Personal Manifesto

  • June 15, 2009

LawsLoop.comDo you like politics? Are you looking for a new concept when it comes to having the chance to share your ideas with the world? In that case you are at the right site. This could be a good opportunity for you to join a political social networking website.

What is this all about? Well, LawsLoop is a ground-breaking site where you are allowed to create your own political manifesto no matter how crazy it might be. You can feel free to expose all your points of view on any matter because this site gives you the chance to speak your mind in a free environment. Therefore, you will not be monitored over your viewpoints, no matter how extreme, they are.

The site has a political scale that can be used by members in order to post their ideas so they can be rated by others. In case you want to use tools with the intention to learn about how individuals from different backgrounds and demographics feel about different topics, you will be able to do that on this site.

There are many subjects you will have the chance to discuss with others growing as a well rounded individual. This is like creating political parties from a virtual origin. In addition to this, you will have the right to participate on the site’s elections and speak entirely freely without censorship.

This is a new way to increase democracy through the internet. Do you want to learn more about this site? Give it a visit at

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More – Express Yourself with Jingling Domains

  • November 20, 2008 is a new blogging initiative that allows its users to run state-of-the-art blogs with tiny difference: their URLs read like complete sentences or slogans.

The first jingling domain launched by is ‘!’ where one can open blogs ‘Your Name, of Course’, ‘Your Place, of Course’ or ‘Your Passion, of Course’ with the corresponding web-addresses,, and

Research shows that internet users are more inclined to click on such jingling links, first just for curiosity, of course. Then more people return to the sites, as these addresses stick in their minds.

The team at believes that people blog because they want to make an impact on the environment and peers. Putting a noticeable web address in the email footers puts bloggers one head above the rest of the blogosphere.

If you want your blog to be remembered, picking a web address that provides insight into who you are or what you love is key, of course. This jingling domain will allow you to stand out and be easily remembered.

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More – Magazine For Radio Listeners

  • July 24, 2008

MonitoringTimes.comMonitoring Times is a monthly magazine that caters for radio listeners. The publication covers scanning, shortwave and other connected radio topics.

Its online counterpart provides information on the latest issue of the magazine as well as links for those who wish to subscribe or renew an already existing subscription. It is also possible to subscribe for what is called “MT Express”, a version of the magazine that is delivered to your inbox as a PDF file. The main advantage is that you save on the regular subscription costs and this version of the magazine features enhanced graphics and interactive links. A “Free Sample” section lets you read sample columns from the current issues in PDF format. Moreover, a free sample copy of the printed magazine can be requested either by phone or via the provided e-mail address. For its part, those who wish to join the regular staff can find information on how to submit sample writings online.

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More – Milwaukee News Coverage

  • July 16, 2008

ExpressMilwaukee.comThe Shepherd Express is a publication that provides exhaustive coverage of life in Milwaukee. Its online counterpart can be reached at ExpressMilwaukee.

com and it includes all the features of the print version coupled with the ability for readers to network and share their own opinions. The site is made up of self-explanatory sections such as “News”, “Music”, “Events” and “Sports”. The most recent articles within each of these sections are prominently highlighted on the main page for browsing convenience. For its part, a classifieds board is featured and it enables readers of the Shepherd Express to buy and trade items online. The site also provides guidance and assistance for those who wish to blog on the site and reach a wider public. Moreover, traffic and weather information can be accessed on the site’s main page, while a section that goes by the name of “Photos of the Day” provides a colorful account of life in Milwaukee.

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More – Create Your Own Place

  • June 27, 2008

Yahoo360.comIn case you want to share information with your friends and family online, Yahoo 360 could be a good site to visit. The services provided by this site give you the chance to gather your social networks on one site. This site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to meeting your friends online. was created to help you share information with those people who are important for you. This website can provide you with data about how you can gather your social networks on one site. is the right site to learn more about how you can share information with your friends easily. You just need to stop by to gather your social networks on one site. Do you want to meet your friends in a smarter way? If that is so, you should stop by this site and you won’t regret it.

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More – Daily Express Online

  • June 26, 2008 you don’t live in Britain, you surely know the Daily Express newspaper, as it is one of the world’s most important newspapers. If you don’t, now you can take a look at it through express.; the newspaper’s online version. In addition to local and national news, it also features the most important news and headlines from around the world. Feel free to look around the website and enter in each section that site that interests you. Among the wide selection of features of this site, you can find; horoscopes, sport news, blogs, careers, music downloads, shopping, and much more. Want the latest celeb news? A link to the Ok online magazine is available as well. Not only you can read the news, but you can post your comment on some of them. These among many other features are available at this site. Check it out, to learn more about them.

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More – Find Tennis Gear Online

  • June 12, 2008 is the official site of Tennis Express, an online store specialized in providing a variety of tennis supplies and accessories for you to buy online at affordable prices. On this online store you can find major tennis brand supplies and accessories you might need. is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to buying cheap tennis equipment and related supplies, including Babolat Pure rackets and Radical Head racket bags, as well as Wilson Hammer tennis supplies and tennis shoes.

Are you looking for cheap tennis supplies? Would you like to buy Wilson rackets online? On you can find a collection of tennis supplies and accessories, including rackets and tennis clothing from major brands. In conclusion, if you are looking for Babolat Pure rackets and Radical Head racket bags, as well as Wilson Hammer tennis accessories, this website might be worth a visit.

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More – Pasty Central Express

  • June 9, 2008

Pasty.comPasty Central Express is a pasty kitchen located in Kearsarge, Michigan. The pasties that are cooked therein can be purchased in person at the store, or online by means of a visit to its website which can be found at Pasty.

com. A toll free phone number is provided to these ends as well. All the major credit cards are accepted, and it is also possible to pay by return invoice. The site lists the many pasties available, and information on how to bake them once they have been received is likewise provided. In addition to culinary services, the people responsible for running the kitchen provide hosting services to hundreds of photographers within the Upper Michigan area, and a feature entitled “Pasty Photo of the Day” is part of the Pasty website. Moreover, the site includes a wide array of links that direct to historical places within Upper Michigan. A list of events is provided as well.

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More – Express Your Space

  • June 2, 2008

ExpressMySpace.orgAre you currently part of the MySpace community? Do you currently have a dull and boring MySpace profile? Ok, so there are a few options on the MySpace profile page that allow you to generate your own personal MySpace profile. But, after visiting a few other MySpace profiles, you will notice that there are many profiles that look like yours.

Now that MySpace has really made it big all over the world, there are a few websites that are dedicated to providing you different wallpapers for your MySpace profile, different characters that you can add on to your MySpace profile, but these websites don’t even come close to the website we’re going to review now. The website is called While on, you will be able to download all the latest gadgets that can be added to your MySpace profile. You can get crazy text generators, profile tweaks, customize clock, live radio hosting, falling object generators, different layouts, glitters, tools, random generators, and much more. If you want to have the perfect MySpace profile, you must log on to now.

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More – Temporary Anonymous Email

  • May 12, 2008 is a site where users can set up an anonymous email address that will exist for 12 hours. give you the two options of receiving a temporary email address or choosing your own temporary email address. Once you have set up your email address you can receive and send emails for 12 hours just like it was your own email address. If you have important information that needs to stay private, can give you that security and privacy. No one will know who the owner of the temporary email is. You can surf the web anonymously, take surveys, protect yourself from spam, and express yourself on blogs and forums without worrying about getting judged. Your temporary email address is for free and spam free so blog any and feel confident and secure that your privacy is being protected when you use

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More – The Credit Card Company

  • April 15, 2008

Americanexpress.comAre you shopping around for a new credit card at the moment? Maybe you already have a couple of credit cards in your wallet or hand bag and would like to find another one that not only offers you good buying power, but comes with a good reputation and great offers attached when you make purchases with it? Have you considered getting an American Express card? Why not go to there web site which can be found at

com and see what owning one of there credit cards can do for you. This web page is well designed and clearly informs you about all the different credit card services offered by American Express, be they for personal use, small business cards, corporate accounts or gift cards. The site is easy to navigate and even offers existing card holders a facility where they can check there current account status and pay off there bills.

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More – Take On Board Cash Loans

  • March 29, 2008

AceCashExpress.comPeople often said that getting into cash loans could carry lots of headaches, and they are not wrong at all..

in fact it´s so likely. However, life is always umpridectable and changeable, so you must be prepared for any unexpected event, especially when we talk about money, that is a crucial constituent nowadays. allows you to pay loans all over the USA. You can access clicking in Home Loans section, where you type your personal information and many other dates. The other way is to click in PayDay loans if you aren´t in your house this moment, and there you have to click in the state you are located so that an automatic searcher reports you where is the nearest ACE branch to pay your loan. The web site has some not-uploaded topics. The amount of money you can recieve depends on the State you are located. If you are looking for a job, you can explore the site too.

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More – Discuss History And Philosophy

  • March 6, 2008

Serendipity.liThis website, which was created in 1996 by Peter Mayer is aimed at “thinking people”. At first it used to be about his thoughts his own topics of interest.

Today this web covers a wide variety of topics being a great place for free self-expression and discussion for everyone. The web has lots of information on writers and philosophers like Maria Callas, Ganesh Baba, and Robert Zundel. In addition, it features forums on religion that talk about Zionism and god in general. Another field addressed in this page is politics, commenting the Iraq War, 9-11, George Bush between many other topics. For those who are not interested in these themes, there are also reflections about common errors in the use of English, among many other interesting subjects. The main page provides quick links for each of the subjects. This is a great page if you are looking for a way to spare some free time while learning and reflecting.

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