Explania.com – Explanatory Videos About Anything

  • February 1, 2012


Explania.com is both a web portal where you can watch a lot of thematic explanatory videos, and a company which provides the service of making customized explanations on video. This will be really useful for other companies that need to explain their services or products on their websites.

The power that moving images have over the viewers’ memory for lasting a long time is quite hard to argue. It’s much easier to tell someone about a movie we saw recently than telling a story we read on the newspaper, for example. But apart from being easy to remember, giving information through a video has many other advantages. The most important of them is probably the time it saves for the person who gets to watch it. In a few minutes you could give all the explanations you wish that would need quite more time if done through a written text.

Explania knows this, and by visiting the website you will have the chance to find out about many issues that you may have wondered about for a long time. And if that isn’t the case, you will enjoy learning about topics which might attract your attention in that moment. A list of categories will let you choose where to start, like Health, Ecology, Money, or Software. What is inflation and what are its causes, what are stocks, or which have been the latest innovations in the new version of Windows or some other software, will be clearly shown to you.

The “Work” category for example, gives you useful tips to avoid back and neck aches from working all day sitting down on your computer. What is the best way to sit on your desk, and what kind of excersises you can do to relax are included for you to keep a healthy posture.

If you have a company and would like to hire Explania.com‘s services, just use the contact information provided in the site to have a brief made and ask for a price quote.

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AnimatedExplanations.com – Where Everything Is Animated

  • June 25, 2010

AnimatedExplanations.comAs its name suggests, the Animated Explanations website is a resource that groups together animated movies and media that has an instructional value attached to it. Through the videos hosted on this site you will be capable of learning more about things that are completely strange to you, as well as improving your knowledge about the ones you are already well-acquainted with.

And these videos can actually be embedded on your own site, so that if you have a blog devoted to cooking lessons or about how to play the bass you will be able to come up with content to further engage your visitors.

Some of the videos and animations that were available when I checked the site out included “How to find a new job using LinkedIn?” and “What Is Twitter?”, whereas health and lifestyle-related topics were also prominently featured.

And in case you want to have an animation about something that is not already included on the site, you can request such a clip be created for you. A quote can be obtained free of charge.

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GoodReasons.to – Everything Happens For A Reason

  • April 14, 2010

GoodReasons.toThey say that “everything happens for a reason”, and this site certainly brings that to mind. It is a user-driven resource where just anybody can share his reason (or reasons) for doing something.

Moreover, people can comment on each other’s reasons for doing this or that, so the site doubles as a kind of platform for mini-debates. And the fact that the best reasons can be voted means that the ones who came up with something entirely original will not go unnoticed.

As it is often the case with sites that rely on user-generated content, the most popular threads are highlighted on the main page for all to see.

So, do you think that there is such a thing as a good reason for watching “Dawson’s Creek” every single time it re-runs? Go ahead, this site will let you share it with all and sundry. That is the true charm of sites like this one, in the end – just everybody can have his own say, and meet up with a couple of folks that think the same way he does.

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KnowsWhy.com – Putting An End To Curiosity

  • March 25, 2010

KnowsWhy.comThis website has a very specific aim: letting you know the whys and wherefores of just anything you could think about. We can define it as an online repository of knowledge that covers an extensive amount of topics already.

These are found on the main navigation menu that sits on top of the main page, and some of the items featured there include “Health”, “News”, “Nature” and “Tech”. There is also a “Facts” section for you to click about.

I must say that I found the site attractive only in spurts. The way some of the questions was presented had a bit of a haphazard aura, such as “Why XBOX 360 is better than PS3?” and “Why do people cut themselves?”. There was also a question reading “Why Obama should not be president?”. I don’t like the way these questions are asked, as they imply a degree of truth in what it is being discussed, instead of letting the user determine that for himself.

But there were also some interesting items posted on the site, among these “Why do roosters crow?” and “Why are barns painted red?”. So, as I just said above: a site that is engaging only in a partial way.

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FollowFridays.com – Follow The Friends Of Your Friends

  • July 3, 2009

FollowFridays.comTwitter is amazing. If you think about it, you can picture a whole multitude of people following others who they think are interesting. On the Twitsphere you will find a wide variety of topics (actually everything you can imagine) and you will be able to keep in touch with groups of people with the same interests or ideas about different matters.

This site was created to boost the following potential provided by Twitter. FollowFriday gives you the chance to send a #followfriday tweet in order to recommend specific people to follow. Why and How? Ok, let’s do this step by step: You can use this solution to recommend people to follow somebody just because you think that they are going to enjoy from doing it. The way you can do this is certainly simple, because you just need to send a tweet with a short explanation saying who this person is.

Among the many features you can enjoy on this site you will find options regarding a list with the top 5 most recommended Twitter users for the previous Friday, as well as a list with the top 5 most active endorsers. In case you are interested in getting more information about this site feel free to give it a visit at Followfridays.com.

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Oldsuperstitions.com – Superstitions Explained

  • July 5, 2008

Oldsuperstitions.comHave you just had a black cat cross your path, put new shoes on the table, had an itchy nose or milked your cow before you took it to market? If the answer is yes and you are wondering why your day has been filled with bad luck, then you might like to check out a web site on the internet that offers an explanation to theses superstitions and lots of the other superstitions our grandmothers told us when we were kids. The web site that you should check out whilst crossing your fingers and carrying an acorn in your pocket can be found at the web address of www.

oldsuperstitions.com, this web site is well designed has an excellent lay out and is very easy to navigate. Finding the superstition that you would like to learn more about can be done easily as they are all arranged into different categories or can be located using the handy search facility. Oldsuperstitions.com

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Personafile.com – Your Product’s Information

  • May 20, 2008

Personafile.comPersonafile.com is your product database, as they call themselves.

They give you all the relevant information about the products you buy or already have at home. Whenever you purchase an electronic device you get the warranties and manuals, but after some weeks you may loose them or the warranty no longer works. Moreover, there are some products that after a while require some updates in order to keep using them. For those cases, personafile.com has the answers. They know looking for manuals, explanations, or products’ updates can take a long time and you might not understand them. For this reason, personafile.com has gathered the tips, techniques, and tutorials to help you out. At the web site you can read all the information related to their business, as well as a link for you to join them in case you’re interested. Furthermore, there is a large list containing the products they work with. Personafile.com

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