AnimatedExplanations.com – Where Everything Is Animated

  • June 25, 2010

AnimatedExplanations.comAs its name suggests, the Animated Explanations website is a resource that groups together animated movies and media that has an instructional value attached to it. Through the videos hosted on this site you will be capable of learning more about things that are completely strange to you, as well as improving your knowledge about the ones you are already well-acquainted with.

And these videos can actually be embedded on your own site, so that if you have a blog devoted to cooking lessons or about how to play the bass you will be able to come up with content to further engage your visitors.

Some of the videos and animations that were available when I checked the site out included “How to find a new job using LinkedIn?” and “What Is Twitter?”, whereas health and lifestyle-related topics were also prominently featured.

And in case you want to have an animation about something that is not already included on the site, you can request such a clip be created for you. A quote can be obtained free of charge.

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ScreenCastle.com – Record Your Screen

  • April 10, 2009

ScreenCastle.comIn case you want to record everything you are doing in your computer in order to help others understand the different processes you need to go through to use a program, etc, this will be the right service for you.

This website offers a solution that works as a digital computer screen recording system.

This solution is an interesting application that will witness a certain region of your screen and any audio from your computer at a given time, and document what it sees.

These kind of tools are the future when it comes to explaining the way different applications work. In case you want to generate a video for a friend to understand any process, this is one of the easiest solutions in the market. Also, this site gives you the opportunity to save the records for an unlimited time.

Pay a visit to this online resource if you want to enjoy all the benefits of improving the way you explain different processes to others, in a cost effective way.

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Sketchcast.com – Sketch you ideas with voiceovers

  • September 25, 2007

Sketchcast.comAnyone feeling bored with blogs filled with just writing, photos and links? Are you a blogger who finds it difficult to get an idea across to your audience? Whether you are a teacher, business professional, angst-filled twenty-something or anyone else with blogging in their blood, clear communication is key and it can be achieved with Sketchcast. Sketchcast.

com offers blogging tool to create sketches including voice-over. Bloggers can record a series of sketches and voice to explain an idea, make art, or just play around. After recording the information, users simply embed the sketch player into their blog or connect people to your sketch channel. Once it is embedded, site visitors can view the sketch as many times as they like and can stop and start the action. Sketchcasting has an infinite number of uses such as explaining a math formula, teaching anything online, perfecting the online signature, explain sports plays, keep the kids busy and improving presentations. The sketches are made can be made with a regular mouse but the best way to sketch is with a graphics pen and a mic.

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