OpenZine.com – A Communal Magazine

  • September 20, 2008

OpenZine.comOpenzine.com is a site that will allow you to create and share content with all your peers. The idea behind the site is having it work like a magazine, with you drawing content and ideas from other users, creating a collaborative effort that can then be shared and enjoyed by the whole community. Creating content is really simple, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to enjoy the experience. It’s really nifty to see how many people are really into the site’s concept and enjoy sharing the content they created with the help of others.

This takes the concept of content sharing and blows it out of the park. Some of the things on the site are truly amazing, standing as a testament of how good the idea is. As more and more people get word of this site, it’s sure to become a creative outlet like those seldom seen on the internet.

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