ChefsWithoutFrontiers.com – Food, Politics and Travel

  • May 29, 2008

ChefsWithoutFrontiers.comChefsWithoutFrontiers began as a sort of meeting place for expats to socialize over recipes and culinary traditions. It has grown into network in which people can share and discuss not only food, but also travel, history and food politics.

It acts as a collective journal for reminiscences and thoughts, all connected in someway to the things we eat. The site is divided into five principle sections: Food for Thought, On the Road, the Politics of Food, a Forum, and Resources. The first of these, Food for Thought, is where members can share memories about their grandmother’s pies, or even philosophies which food invokes. The second section is essentially a travelogue; here members can share their journeys across the world. Politics of Food is a place for discussion of the political ramifications of food policies; here members can discuss the food shortage, they can add articles and can make suggestions about how we can live in a sustainable manner.

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Glocals.com – The Expat Community in Switzerland

  • December 3, 2007

Glocals.comGlocals.com is a website where you can find all the information you are looking for fun activities to do in your next vacations in Switzerland. On GLocals you will find details about travel insurance and activities you can do while visiting Switzerland area.

Glocals.com is the website you can visit to access to data about the night activities and major attraction points in Switzerland for you to enjoy, as well as samba dance courses and dance lessons you can take, in addition to night clubs you can visit.

Are you planning a vacation in Switzerland? Would you like to sign in for samba dance lessons? In that case, this website will be useful. On Glocals.com you will access to detailed information about the salsa dance night clubs and major attractions of Switzerland. Feel free to stop by this website in case you are searching for data about the night life of Switzerland.

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LittleIreland.tv – Social Networking for Irish Expats

  • August 30, 2007

LittleIreland.tvLittleIreland.tv is supposed to be a social networking site for ex-pats (Irish citizens living abroad) or lovers of Ireland.

Available in French and English, the site operates similar to most other social networking sites….they post videos, profiles, events, polls, blogs and information about living abroad. They also have a weekly email newsletter. The design and layout were not that professional, and there was not a lot of Irish-themed content. The videos (prominently displayed over most of the page) were random and totally unrelated to Ireland. I like the idea of this site, but the execution is lacking. Where is all the Irish charm and culture?

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