Expatistan.com – Compare The Cost Of Living Everywhere

  • March 23, 2010

Expatistan.comIt is a bit infuriating when one of these “friends” we all have starts talking about the endless places he has visited, and how living conditions elsewhere are vastly superior owing to everything being cheaper and having a better quality overall. Well, should that ever happen again you won’t have to excuse yourself from the room any longer.

Simply get your hands on any web-enabled device, and head straight to this website. Here you will be able to compare prices in any two cities that you feel like contrasting. Of course, in the previous example you could do it in order to prove that prices in your hometown are not that radically different from the prices in any of the places that your beloved friend bragged about for three hours. But the system also lends itself to comparing any two cities over the world, so that if you are thinking about emigrating and you want some basic data to weigh up and begin making up your mind, then this will serve that purpose.

The main page also has an index and a table made up of recent comparisons, so that if you feel like having an even broader understanding of the way things stand worldwide this will do for certain.

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