Flat-Belly-Exercises.com – How To Lose Belly Fat

  • March 27, 2009

Flat-Belly-Exercises.comAre you trying to lose your belly fat? Having trouble finding exactly how to do it? Well, you need to visit Flat-Belly-Exercises.com.

On this online resource you will find all the information you need to get rid of that belly bulge and keep it off.

It will show you what the abdominal exercises along with some guidance on how to perform them and make them more effective. But getting rid of your belly fat is not only about exercising; it is about changing your eating habits.

This online resource also tells you what kind of diet you should follow in order to lose your belly fat. In addition to this, you will be able to get more information to know more specifically what kind of foods to eat to burn fat.

It is very easy to navigate through this site as everything is straight forward and easy to find. If you think that this is an interesting tool, enter this site now and start losing weight now and reveal those six pack abs. Flat-Belly-Exercises.com

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PoeWar.com – Writers’ Online Resource Center

  • July 2, 2008

PoeWar.comAre you thinking about becoming a writer? At this website you will find information on writing techniques and useful tips that will help you on your way to become a writer. PoeWar.

com is a writer’s resource center. You can browse the site by the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Articles, Archives, Jobs by Category, and Jobs by State. This website provides articles about freelancing, essay, technical writing, writing exercises, poetry, fiction, the writing business, publishing, reviews, and more. It is also a job online resource where you will find different job offers. You can browse them by category or by state. Some of the categories are: Freelance Jobs, Web writing and editing, Assistant and intern positions, Proofreading jobs, Literary jobs, Features writing and editing, Copywriting jobs, Sports, General, and Technical writing jobs, and many more. The homepage is subdivided in five different sections which are: Freelance, Fun, Poetry, Jobs, and Other Headlines. PoeWar.com

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Typing-lessons.org – Free Online Typing Course

  • June 30, 2008

Typing-lessons.orgIf you want to type by using more than two fingers, on this website you will find some help. Enter Typing-lessons.org to know more about Peter’s Online Typing Course, an effective and useful free online course to improve your typing skills. This course allows you to get access to free typing lessons, and also provides you with typing exercises.

Do you want to type faster? Do you need to save time writing your essays? Pay a visit to Typing-lessons.org and start this online course. You will find typing lessons and exercises to develop your typing technique. This site doesn’t require registration or payments to take this online course. You just have to enter and start studying these typing lessons.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to type faster by using every finger of both hands, feel free to visit Typing-lessons.org. This website offers a large number of free typing lessons for you to study and become a better typist. Typing-lessons.org

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NoDiet.com – Start To Loose Weight

  • June 18, 2008

NoDiet.comDo you want to loose a couple of pounds? Are you tired of trying thousands of diets without obtaining results? On NoDiet.com you will be provided with information on how to burn fat while you sleep, with no diet. Instead of starving yourself, you can take liquid protein every night, to help your body lose stored fat.

The services provided by NoDiet.com give you the chance to make an order online, to get your liquid protein. With these products you don’t have to lose weight by starving yourself, or starting a diet, you can simply go to sleep and burn fat while doing so.

Instead of starting a weight loss program, you can make an order online to get your liquid protein that the official website of No Diet has to offer. Therefore, if you want to burn fat in order to lose weight, feel free to stop by NoDiet.com. NoDiet.com

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Oed.com – Oxford English Dictionary

  • May 30, 2008

Oed.comThe Oxford English Dictionary is an accepted authority of the evolution of the English language. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about this dictionary and about provides to the general public.

In the OED News section of this site you can read about the latest news and headlines related to the English language. You can become a member of this site to fully enjoy all of the services that this site has to provide. In the Learning Resources section of this site you can find exercises for ages 11-14, 14-16, 16-18 and university level as well. You can also find word stories as well as quizzes and links to other sites containing similar material. If you would like to become a contributor of this site you can get informed on how to do so here as well. In the Word of the Day section you will find the word that was selected for this day, the definition and much more related to this word. Oed.com

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Languageisavirus.com – Improve Your Writing Skills

  • May 9, 2008

Languageisavirus.comAt languageisavirus.com you will find a guide for exercising writing.

It contains many tips and advices to help writers when they get blocked. You don’t need to be a writer only, perhaps you are writing your final thesis or an essay and you’ve lost inspiration. If this is the case, you should take a look at this site then. They provide you with visual inspiration for your writing, like: found objects, urban decay, creative photography, nature’s beauty, snapshot perfect, etc. Moreover, they give you brainstorm creative writing techniques, such as: chance operations, free association, active imagination, the cut-up method of brion gysin, automatic writing, surrealism, magnetic poetry, etc. In addition, you will find innovative exercises and writing prompts. At the web site you can also see the list of authors. Plus, there is a link with extras, like: recommended reading, writing experiments, creative writing links, character names, and more. Languageisavirus.com

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Ironmanmagazine.com – Body Building

  • May 7, 2008

Ironmanmagazine.comIronmanmagazine.com is an extension of the Iron Man magazine and it works as a guide for beginners and hardcore bodybuilder’s trainers.

If you want to be up to date on the new trends and shortcuts, you should visit this site then. At the web site you will find all you need to know regarding nutrition and training. So, if you are planning to lift some weight, first beware of the dietary supplement you should consume. There is a nutrition science link on the web site with interesting data. Some of the tips you will see at the site are: essential fatty acids, fat tests, nutrition secrets, post-workout nutrition, ribose for cellular energy, science of body fat, supplement guide, testosterone, etc. And for the training, there are also some tips and popular bodybuilding workouts, like: ab exercises, leg workouts, muscle injury, shoulder workout, x-rep training, etc. Plus, if you need info on contests or you’d like to participate on a forum, there are both things available at their site. Ironmanmagazine.com

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Increasebrainpower.com – Tips to Increase Brainpower

  • April 20, 2008

Increasebrainpower.comDo you want to increase your brainpower? And what about your IQ? This webpage may help you. Different tips on these subjects are presented in order for you to take the best advantages and improve instantly.

Not only have they presented some tips but also a wide range of techniques of all kind, such as how to breathe, how to move and what to eat. Furthermore, techniques for problem solving and for developing creative and lateral thinking are explained in depth. There is also a section devoted to brain and memory exercises, linked to other webpages on the same subjects. They also consider meditation as a very important aspect for increasing the brainpower and they explain what meditation is and how to meditate thoroughfully. Each of the tips and techniques are focused on the main objective: as said before, increasing the readers’ brainpower in order to improve and achieve better results. What’s more, a monthly Newsletter is published with more tips and techniques. Increasebrainpower.com

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Chuala.com – Language Pronunciation Community

  • September 15, 2007

Chuala.comWhen learning a language, one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is pronunciation. Sure you can say the words, but can you do it without having all of backwater Tennessee gushing out of your vowels and diphthongs? All isn’t lost though.

New comer Chuala has dev eloped a user-generated pronunciation dictionary to help you tackle such difficulties as the umlaut and rolled R’s. The site, whose name incidentally stems from the Gaelic meaning ‘I heard a noise,’ requires the Flash media player plug-in. Users can craft their own study guides enlisting exercises and comparison tools on site. Alternatively, if you’d like to express your language abilities, you can record and create exercises and lessons to help others. Sign up now and you’ll have access to more than 7,000 languages, a social network, and advance Chuala player tools. It’s completely free.

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