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MetroFunk.com – Exclusive Social Network for Trendy Set

  • November 20, 2007

MetroFunk.comWant to join an ultra exclusive, creative, trendy types only social network? Don’t we all? Try your luck at Metrofunk. The site’s goal is to bring all the normally offline trendsetters and cool folks into the online world where they can collaborate, plan parties, schmooze and discuss their avant garde hair styles and taste in music.

Basically, anyone who has their foot in something hip or funky, whether it be film, montage, music, collages, or whatever, can join—or try to join. The sign up process isn’t short and snappy—you actually have to verify your mobile number, upload a photo, and type in your invitecode. Yes, you have to be invited by an existing network. Once invited though, you’ll get VIP treatment. All content is displayed according to popularity (much like Digg), thus only the trendy site members and not editors decide what’s hot and what’s not.

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