Exching.com – Trading Used Clothes Online

  • April 24, 2010

Exching.comExching can be defined as a marketplace for used clothing. The idea is to let anybody connect with buyers and sellers in his or her same location, and carry transactions to completion in as direct a way as possible.

The site is organized by category, and these include “Accessories”, “Pants”, “Footwear” and “Jackets”. A “Baby” category is likewise featured for you to delve upon, and you can also carry your search by specifying an event from the provided list. Only two are currently available (“Wedding” and “Prom”), but it is obviously a mere question of time before others see addition.

Note that you are not required to sign up for browsing the database, and the same goes for buying any item that is listed. Registration is only mandatory if you intend to sell anything – if all that you want to do is have a good look around you will be capable of doing it right now. And if you absolutely fall in love with any of the featured items you will be capable of buying it on the spot, too.

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