eXaudios.com – Weighing Up The Mood Of Callers

  • March 22, 2010

eXaudios.comeXaudios is a company that hails from Israel, and whose new product has begun to attract the attention of many. Named MagInify, we can term it a software whereby the mood and disposition of any person who is making a call can be determined.

This technology can be used in two main areas: contact centers and job interviews. In the first case, the software makes for spending less time on non-interested customers and (consequently) focusing on these deals that can effectively be closed. In the second case, the degree of motivation and involvement of a candidate towards a specific job can be analyzed, and his/her suitability for the position in question can be more easily determined. That would reduce recruitment mistakes significantly, as any person’s loyalty and ability to work as part of a team could be figured out in advance.

In actuality, there are as many more uses for a technology like this one as you could imagine. For example, law enforcement agencies could use it as part of investigations as a lie detectors substitute. And the fact that the system is effective from the first interaction (EG, no historic voice data is required to get going) certainly tip the scales in its favor.

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