Ex.fm – Turning The WWW Into A Social Jukebox

  • December 3, 2010

Ex.fmSocial radio hardly gets any cooler than this. Ex.fm will let you find new music to listen to with the help of your social graph. Ex.fm works as a Google Chrome extension that will inform you whenever there are music files that can be played on any page that you are on, and you will also be notified whether any friend of yours has liked any of these songs. In this way, you can determine which are worth a try and which are probably not worth bothering with.

Ex.fm also has some really cool features, with my favorite being the ability to add all the songs you come across to a queue and (to all intent and purposes) provide you with background music for the best part of the day. And you can keep on browsing the Web as usual – going from one site to the other will not make the song that is being played stop.

And coming back to the social facets of the site, those who use Ex.fm will be able to tweet out these songs that they discover and like, as well as posting them on Facebook for all to enjoy them.

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