Ewelike.com – Compare Prices & Save Money

  • February 4, 2011

Ewelike.comDo we need yet more price comparison engines? It seems some people really think we do. And that is why sites such as Ewelike keep on being released.

A user of Ewelike is enabled to check the prices of these products he is keen on getting by simply searching for them using the provided interface. If an item is indeed found, he will get to know exactly where to buy it at the best possible price.

But for an item to be found, it has to fall into any of the product categories that are supported. These include movies (both on DVD and Blu-ray), music CDs and DVDs, books, video games and perfumes.

And while it is true that the site offers no novel service in itself, it is also true that it has enough configuration options to make using it a very pleasurable experience. For example, users are enabled to set down the currency (or currencies) that they want to use, and they can also filter stores out. This means that if they have had a bad experience at any retailer in the past (or if they know of someone who has been burned) then they can simply make that retailer vanish from their search results altogether.

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