ObsessiveInk.com – Preview Tattoos Using 3D Avatars

  • April 16, 2010

ObsessiveInk.comHow many people actually stop and think that a tattoo is something that will accompany them forever more? I bet the answer is “not that many”. And not that many either observe the cardinal rule that is dictated by common sense: do never, ever tattoo yourself the name of a person.

The way it all turns out, people just end doing what Johnny Depp did and modify an already existing tattoo in order to avoid embarrassments – IE, in the case of the 21 Jump Street start his “Winona” tattoo was modified to read “Wino” after his breakup with the starlet.

If only there were a system for visualizing what the tattoo would look like before having it grafted, things would be easier on everybody. And guess what? The Internet makes that possible. This is not the first site that I review which lets you do it, but it is certainly as useful as any of its competitors. It works by letting you do a video preview of the tattoo in your body. In order to do so, an avatar is generated for you to superimpose the design over it. The Evolver platform is used for the creation of the character, and such a platform requires no technical knowledge at all. It is usable by just anybody, so that if you have always been curious about how would a tattoo of Babe Ruth look on your shoulder you can head straight to the site and have a clear representation of it all.

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Evolver.com – Creating A 3D Avatar

  • February 6, 2010

Evolver.comIt looks like 3D avatar mania has kicked in. I guess some people just got fed up with these flat caricatures that most of us still love, and wanted to get their hands on something more realistic.

Whether these 3D avatars will become the norm remains moot, of course. The one advantage they have is that they are going to mirror who you are in any context where reality is simulated. This can factor heavily in due time.

For now, all they are is a more time-consuming alternative to traditional avatars. That was only to be expected, really, as designing a 3D version of you had to be detailed in order not to be too generic. Still, the process takes a premade avatar in order to cut unnecessary complexities short.

Once your Avatar has been created, you can deploy it wherever you like – Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Blogger… Again, I wonder how widespread this can become, and whether these 3D versions of ourselves are going to become our calling card on the social web or not. I guess we are all about to find the answer soon.

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