Evly.com – Crowdsource Your Projects

  • May 17, 2011

Evly.comIf you are in a position in which you could really use a hand, then it is only fair to assume you will have a lot of time for this website. You see, Evly is not just going to let you find someone who is wiling to help you out of your difficulties. It is actually going to let you find a lot of people who will come to your assistance.

On Evly.com you will be able to set down crowdsourcing challenges, and then invite others to collaborate. This can be just anybody – all your friends, the people you already work with, the Internet on the whole… whoever you think that can be of help.

And all of this can be done without having to pay a cent. Evly is a free platform from start to finish. Registration costs nothing, and it is over in minutes.

Evly is also an open-ended platform in the sense that just any kind of goal can be achieved through it. Doing some market research, collecting feedback on any product that you are developing, trying to find the solution to any serious environmental issue… it can all be done through this supple platform.

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