ChurchInviter.com – Add Evites To Your Church Website

  • July 11, 2011

ChurchInviter.comSome say one of the most negative aspects of the Internet is how it robs people of time they could actually be devoting to more purposeful tasks. That is something which can be argued for hours on end, and we would still be light years from arriving at any sort of satisfactory conclusion. But I can show you some middle ground right now. I can show you how technology and tradition can actually be put to the service of each other. This site is a really clear example of that.

Named ChurchInviter, it basically lets Churches create evites and have them delivered to all the people within their local communities in order to encourage them to actually come to the Church and become involved in its activities. The way this service works, these evites come complete with images and a detailed description of what is going to be done at the Church on any given day.

This website is remarkable not only because it provides a novel service, it also stands out for the reason that accounts come at no cost. You can sign up for free right now, and start seeing how all that has been just described translates into practice.

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PRESSfish.com – Taking Care Of Online Marketing Duties

  • December 21, 2009

PRESSfish.comPRESSfish is a platform that will let any professional take care of marketing duties and send not only newsletters but also evites out. Likewise, it is a platform that makes for executing email marketing campaigns in an entirely uncomplicated way.

This is accomplished via a web-based interface that makes creating lists and managing them a very easy task. Furthermore, creating targeted segments of subscribers is taken care in no time at all – you just highlight the desired individuals and away you go.

As it is only suitable, a comprehensive set of analytics is provided to the effects of measuring results, and improving any aspect of the campaign that is failing to deliver. Features like the tracking of related email conversations are provided, and you (as the marketer) will be capable of managing autoresponders easily.

On the whole, this site is quite a flexible one. And the fact that you can manage everything either from an email account or through RSVP just makes it all the more dynamic. The same goes for the featured range of plans – no less than seven are featured and that includes a free one.

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Mobaganda.com – Idiot Proof E-vites

  • May 28, 2008

Mobaganda.comYou didn’t think there was a need for yet another virtual invitation site, did you? There’s certainly enough invite sites out there to be able to get the entire United States, Canada and even Mexico to a big block party in a number of cute and interesting ways. eVite comes to mind as the biggest player in the web invite realm, but what about the anti-eVite, like Mobaganda, for example.

Mobaganda was made by Jason Stirman (who excels at making super simple web apps) as a result of a conversation with Twitter founder Evan Williams. The aim is to take out the clutter and unnecessary bloat of other invite services. With Mobaganda, you don’t even have to login in. Simply click start, enter the party details, and voila, you’ve get a site to email to your invitees. The URL will be sent and friends can RSVP with a click of the mouse. You can track RSVPs via RSS, GoogleReader, or through a widget on iGoogle. It’s that simple.

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