EverytimeHQ.com – Bookmark Moments In Videos

  • January 6, 2011

EverytimeHQ.comThis is one that will come in really handy if your job involves video editing. You see, Everytime stands as a bookmarking tool for specific moments within any clip that you are working with.

Are you editing a music video and you need to point to someone the exact moment in which there is a key change? No problem. Just add a bookmark and he will be able to jump straight to that portion of the video. It sure beats sending him a message instructing him to jump to 3:42 manually.

That is only one of many examples that easily spring to mind. If anything, it can be said that (on the whole) an application like Everytime will let creative types deconstruct any piece they find inspiring, and understand how it was all put together to begin with. Having a grasp on the work of great masters will become something much easier, and also more enjoyable since everything can take on a more collaborative nature. Any person who gets inspiration from sounds and images should make a point of checking this application out.

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