More – Find Events In Your Close Vicinity

  • July 1, 2010

EventsNearYou.infoI suppose that it wouldn’t take you that much of a mental effort to figure out that Events Near You is nothing but a search tool that will let you find events that are happening in your close vicinity. And that is the heart and soul of the site, really.

Using it is not something that would have you reaching out for a user manual because it is all as intuitive as it gets – you simply specify your location, and when doing so you can be as punctual as you want. For example, you can type “San Franciso, CA” or “90210”, according to how narrow you want the results to be

Other than that, you can specify the kind of events that you are interested in the most, and in addition to live music these can include art exhibitions and sports events.

Personally, I think that a site like this one has got one further use, namely letting you sample what a scene other than yours is like. You might feel prone to do that if you are about to move to foreign city, and discover beforehand which things you are going to be missing once you get there. Such knowledge will make the transition much easier in the end.

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