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MogoTix.com – A Smooth Approach To Mobile Tickets

  • March 30, 2010

MogoTix.comQuite a straightforward way to create an event and handle the way tickets are acquired by the public, MogoTix works well if only because it provides you with a mobile platform suitable for events of any size. That is, using it you can easily come up with an event website and take care of distributing mobile tickets to your attendees.

You won’t have to worry about logistic considerations such as printing and mailing the tickets, and your attendees won’t have to fret over the ticket actually getting lost along the way. It is all executed in a fell swoop, and the act of signing up for the event equals receiving the ticket on the mobile.

As it was mentioned above, this system works well for events of all denomination -parties, fundraisers, conferences… The site for the event is created in a breeze – you just chose a name for it, and then pick a URL (along the lines of “myevent.mogotix.com”). The rest is equally intuitive.

Those organizing free events can use this service at no cost, whereas organizers of paid events have to pay a percentage of the actual face value of the ticket plus a fee per each ticket that is sold.

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YouVolley.com – Your NETwork for Players Games and More

  • November 12, 2008

YouVolley.comYouVolley.com is a social networking site for volleyball players and anyone with an interest in the sport.

The site offers all personalized social networking features in addition to volleyball news, and a unique court locator feature that allows players to upload and search for volleyball courts and gyms around the country.

The site also includes other features such as e-mail wall posts, polls, albums, Google map player locators, events, event registration, chat, IM, forums, groups, blogs, and more. The site makes it easy for all who are interested in volleyball to stay in tune to what’s happening in the game as well as share their passion with like-minded people.

YouVolley.com is the first social network designed specifically for the volleyball community and has the potential to connect volleyball players from around the world and provide a means of communication, information sharing, discussion, and event news releases. If you’re a volleyball lover and want to know everything that’s happening in this sport, join the community and don’t miss a beat.


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EventBrite.com – Events Made Easy

  • July 14, 2007

EventBrite.comAre you holding and event and looking for something or someone that will help you spread the word? Then, EventBrite.com is the perfect website for you! EventBrite.

com provides all members with a service that allows them to promote their up-coming events, so as to reach more people. All you have to do is sign in and choose when, where, who and what is your event and then the rest is done for you. EventBrite.com publishes your event, spreads the word and then allows you to collect your money online. If you are new at EventBrite.com, then you get granted with your first publish for FREE. If you later choose to use EventBrite.com again, you are charged with a very low fee per ticket. EventBrite.com is the perfect service for all those people out there who are constantly holding events and don’t know how to reach people. Registration to this service is free and simple and once you sign up you can enjoy of all its features. You can also check out up-coming events from other members and see if there is one of your interests.

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