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GoodInvitation.com – Create Funny Online Invitations

  • March 24, 2008

GoodInvitation.comThis site is aimed at allowing you to create funny online invitations for free. When you log on to the site you are presented with the option to create a free invitation; by selecting this option, you are prompted for the information of the event you are celebrating.

Once the application is completed you can choose from a number of available templates, or else, if you are feeling creative you may submit your own flash invitation. Nonetheless, the selection of available templates is rather broad, so finding the one that best adapts to your requirements shouldn’t prove to be very difficult. One particular highlight about GoodInvitation.com is the way in which the site has been made, matching a friendly environment with a pleasant color palette. This site may prove to be the adequate tool to add a different atmosphere to your next event, providing a distinction over traditional invites.

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